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OpenChain Japan-WG の Tooling Sub-Group の活動について (2020年版) / About Tooling Sub-Group of OpenChain Japan-WG (2020)

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OpenChan Japan-WGでは主に Tooling Sub-Group (Tooling-SG) に参加し、2020年4月から同SGのリーダーを務めています。

Tooling SGとは

このTooling-SGは、OSS管理運用のためのOSS(ツール)を利用して、Open Source Compliance において次を実現することを目的とします。

  1. 組織に応じたワークフローの構築
  2. 省力化 (オートメーション)
  3. 質の向上 (ツール、ワークフロー、コンプライアンスについて)


なお、2019年のAdvent Calendar企画にあった、2019年設立時の初代リーダーの小林さんによる活動紹介記事「OpenChain Japan WG Tooling Sub-WGの活動について」もご一読頂けると幸いです。Japan-WGの活動趣旨に沿ってツールについて日本語で気軽に意見交換する場を設けたいとする経緯や、OpenChain Reference Tooling Workgroup などのグローバルコミュニティとの連携などを紹介しています。



  1. ツールの情報をまとめる / 発信する (Globalコミュニティと連携)
  2. 実際に使いながら勉強や議論する場の提供 (ツール紹介、セミナーやハンズオンの開催など)
  3. 情報流通とツールのマッピング (ワークフロー実現のために課題を洗い出し、他と連携して改善)
  4. 活動に賛同するメンバ拡大のためのプロモーション (OpenChain以外の会合での発表、GitHubやその他メディアの活用)











  • 月例会
    • 発表は1または2件程度
    • 毎月第4火曜日 16:00-17:00 (JST)
  • カジュアル会
    • どんな話題でも、どなたでも、お話しください。
    • 毎月第2火曜日 16:00-17:00 (JST)



回  内容
第10回 OSS Review Toolkit 機能調査
第11回 FOSSologyの現場展開(利用)における課題点の共有、OSSライセンス管理「FOSSA」の試用結果および所感
第12回 VMware社による Tern について (Qiita投稿記事)
第13回 SW360 v11 について (Qiita投稿記事)
第14回 今後の取組について意見交換



Tooling-SGでは、SW360をコンテナで利用できる SW360 Chores を対象に起動や操作のハンズオンを、2021年早々に開催しようと計画中です。メーリングリストやSlackにて実施内容や時期を検討しているので、興味のある方はぜひご参加ください。


明日(2020/12/17) は森下さんが、Open Source Compliance のための OSS を紹介してくれます。OpenChain仕様がISO化されたことで、様々なツールコミュニティでコンプライアンス実務のオートメーションの議論が活発になってきています。お楽しみに!

About me

Hello. I am Takashi Ninjouji.
I mainly participate in Tooling Sub-Group (Tooling-SG) of OpenChain Japan-WG, and I am this SG leader since April 2020.
This article introduces the activities of Tooling-SG.


The Tooling-SG group is to use OSS for OSS management operations to achieve the following in Open Source Compliance:

  • Build workflows according to your organization.
  • Automation
  • Quality improvement (on tools, workflows, and compliance)

Most of the participants are engineers. Many of them actually use the tools in their work, are developers of the tools, and even participate in the development community. On the other hand, because toolchain is also a means of handling open source compliance information, there will also be people from the compliance management departments such as legal and intellectual property, which are the relevant departments.

You may also want to read the article "About the activities of OpenChain Japan WG Tooling Sub-WG" by Kobayashi-san, the first leader at the time of its establishment in 2019, which was published in the 2019 Advent Calendar project. That article introduces why we wanted to create a place to exchange opinions about Open Source Compliance toolchain in Japanese and collaborate with global communities such as the OpenChain Reference Tooling Workgroup.


As in the previous year, the following activities and guiding principles have been established.

  • Compile/disseminate information about the tool (in collaboration with the global community)
  • Provide a place to study and discuss while using the tool (e.g., introducing the tool, holding seminars and hands-on sessions)
  • Information distribution and tool mapping (identify issues and collaborate to improve workflow implementation)
  • Promotion to expand membership (presentations at non-OpenChain meetings, use GitHub and other media)

We are welcome to feel free to participate and feel free to make a presentation (or talk).

At the meeting on 2020/11/24, we decided that we will have presentations in foreign languages. We would like to have a more active exchange of information.

You may arrange for your interpreter and translation of the materials in advance, or we would be happy to have volunteers to help you. If you are considering presenting in a foreign language, we would be glad to discuss this with you. Also, we may ask you to give your presentation at Tooling-SG.

How to participate

We use the following three means:

Mailing list


Virtual Meeting

Starting in April 2020, we are holding virtual meetings in conjunction with the Japan-WG meetings. Currently, we meet every other week for about an hour, alternating between the following meetings.

We are flexible in practice, so please feel free to join us if you have questions. If you have a topic to present, please contact us via the mailing list or Slack.

  • Monthly Meeting
    • about 1 or 2 presentations
    • Fourth Tuesday of every month 16:00-17:00 (JST)
  • Casual Meeting
    • anyone is welcome to talk about any topic.
    • Second Tuesday of each month 16:00-17:00 (JST)


We have had these meetings in FY 2020 so far.

Meeting  Topics
10th Feature study: OSS Review Toolkit
11th “Sharing the challenges of field deployment (usage) of FOSSology“and “the results and impressions of the FOSSA OSS license management trial”
12th Tern by VMware (ACT) (Article on Qiita)
13th SW360 v11 (Article on Qiita)
14th Exchange of opinions on future initiatives

Upcoming events

As SW360, a component cataloging tool, becomes multilingual and a Japanese kit is provided, it is expected to spread to Japan in the future.

Tooling-SG is planning to hold a hands-on session for SW360 Chores, a version of SW360 available in containers, in early 2021. We discuss the content and timing on the mailing list and Slack, so please join us if you are interested.

What is the next article?

Morishita-san will introduce OSS toolchain for Open Source Compliance. With the OpenChain specification being ISO standard, there has been a lot of discussion about automation of compliance practices in various tool communities. Don’t miss it!


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