How developers code is here.

Qiita is a technical knowledge sharing and collaboration platform for engineers.


Concept of Qiita

Create a place where engineers can gather highly reusable and versatile information

Qiita is a place for engineers to gather information that is reusable, versatile, useful, and learnable for other users. We makes the information grow together with everyone, with each side of reading and writing interacting with each other through reading and writing articles. Through this, we aims to speed up the growth and productivity of engineers by reducing the amount of time spent by engineers learning and worrying about the same things in the future.

Create a place where "you" and "someone" can connect

Your reading and writing of articles is not only the act of doing so, but also an opportunity to connect with someone through the articles. You may be able to connect with someone who is interested in the same field or has a similar skill set through articles. Through connecting "you" and "someone else," you will discover new things as an engineer, increase your awareness, and share more information on Qiita.

Establish and express your identity as an engineer

Qiita is visited by over 6 million users per month (as of February 2021). We help you to express your strengths and interests as an engineer by allowing you to share your know-how with them, and to rate the articles you read and find interesting. The more you post and rate, the more articles you will receive, and the more you will be able to connect with other engineers and grow as an engineer.