zsh 5.2以降のオプション GLOB_STAR_SHORT(**.cで**/*.cと同じ展開をさせる)

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autoload -Uz is-at-least
is-at-least 5.2 && setopt glob_star_short  # **.c で **/*.c と同じ展開をする


              When this option is set and the default zsh-style globbing is in effect, the pattern `**/*' can be abbreviated to `**'  and  the
              pattern  `***/*'  can  be  abbreviated to ***.  Hence `**.c' finds a file ending in .c in any subdirectory, and `***.c' does the
              same while also following symbolic links.  A / immediately after the `**' or `***' forces the pattern to be treated as the unab‐
              breviated form.