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1. はじめに

はじめまして、OpenChain ProjectのJapan WGに所属している、土手です。OpenChain Japan WG の Promotion サブワーキンググループでは、今年論文チームを立ち上げ、日本知財学会」と「研究・イノベーション学会」の2つの学会で学術発表を行いました。前者については、12/9のOSSコンプライアンスに関するスキル標準の必要性についてで山田さんが説明されています。今回は後者の研究・イノベーション学会で発表した、日本企業によるオープンソースソフトウェアコミュニティへの貢献に関する考察について紹介します。

2. 要約


1. 技術トレンドをリードできる
2. 企業自体のイメージの向上、優秀な人材の確保
3. OSSのバージョンアップ対応コストの低減
4. コミュニティの活性化に貢献し、長期的観点でのメンテナンスコストの低減

OpenChain Projectの中で行なったアンケート調査の結果、日本企業は貢献プロセスが整備できておらず、仕事として貢献することが困難であることがわかりました。また、日本企業の多くは業務時間内の貢献を認めていないなど、貢献を適切にサポートできていませんでした。

図1 コントリビューションのポリシーの有無


図2 実施しているコントリビューション支援策



3. 最後に

今回ISOに採択された「OpenChain Specification 2.0」は、貢献についてのポリシーを定めて、貢献を管理するように求めています。

明日はOpenChainの中身(Specification)紹介の第7回として、Nobuo Imadaさんが 3.6章の内容について紹介いただきます。明日以降もぜひOpenChain Japan Advent Calendar 2020をご覧ください!

1. Intro

Hello, everyone. I'm Tomo Dote, member of OpenChain ProjectのJapan WG. Our promotion subgroup of OpenChain Japan WG made new research team to promote OSS compliance activity in academic world in 2020. And we've made 2 presentation at two conference , “Intellectual Property Association of Japan” and “Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management”. For 1st presentation, please see The Need for Skills Standards on OSS Compliance for details. Here I described summary of "Consideration of Japanese companies' contribution to the open source software community" at “Japan Society for Research Policy and Innovation Management”

2. Summary

Contribution is the support of the community for open source software and also includes becoming a member of the community. Contributions are necessary to revitalize the community. It may improve the efficiency of development.
This time, we investigated the status of contributions in Japan and the world. and how to make them more active.

As a result of a questionnaire survey, we found that many companies in Japan have not developed a contribution process and it is difficult to contribute as a job. In addition, they do not support contribution activities properly, for example, they do not allow contribution during work hours.

Figure 1 Does your company have Contribution Policy ?


  • Left Circle: Oversea (n=11)
  • Right Circle: Japan (n=56)
  • Blue : Yes, it works well
  • Orange : Yes but it does not work well
  • Gray : Yes, Now it is creating
  • Yellow : No.

Figure 2 What measures does your company take to promote your employee contributions to the OSS community?


  • Color
    • Blue : Japan
    • Orange : Oversea
  • Selections (from top to bottom)
    • Allow contributions during business hours
    • Promote participation in community events
    • In-house events
    • Financial support for contribution
    • Reward system

We recommend that Japanese companies recognize importance of contributions and allow their workers contribution in work time as many companies in the world do.

3. Conclusion

The OpenChain Specification 2.0, ISO/IEC-5230, requires to define contribution policy to manage contribution activities.
Of course, you may recommend / forbid contribution activity in that policy. However, as evidenced by the contributions of many companies, proper management in your contribution make sufficient benefits in your business, I believe. The more companies are encouraged to contribute as appropriate, the more active the open source software community will become.

In tomorrow, you can read introduction of chapter 3.6 in OpenChain, by Nobuo Imada In this advent calendar.


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