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MPEG-5 EVCコーデックメモ

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正式名称「MPEG-5 Part 1 Essential Video Coding」



  • ロイヤリティフリー(RF; Royalty-Free)な枯れた技術1のみを用いる Baseline Profile と、特許技術を用いてより高効率を目指す Main Profile という2オプションを提供する。
    • ロイヤリティフリー・コーデック運用ができるよう、任意の Main Profile 向け符号化ツールは選択的に無効化可能。
    • Baseline Profile準拠エンコーダ/デコーダを用いて、Baseline Profile準拠ビットストリームを配信・記録・再生する場合に限ってロイヤリティフリーとなる。
  • H.265/HEVCコーデック相当の圧縮性能、リアルタイム処理可能な計算複雑性を目指す。
  • 従来MPEG標準化プロセスよりもタイムリーなコーデック開発と市場投入を行う。


Coding scheme

  • 最大 8K/120fps までサポート
  • Monochrome, YUV 4:2:0, (仕様上は4:2:2, 4:4:4サポート有)
  • 8 bit/pixel, 10 bit/pixel (仕様上は8~16 bit/pixelサポート)

Baseline Profile

  • High-level syntax
    • Network Abstraction Layer (NAL) units w/ temporal ID
    • Sequence Parameter Set (SPS)
    • Picture Parameter Set (PPS)
    • Adaptation Parameter Set (APS)
  • Entropy coding
    • JPEG Annex D arithmetic coding
    • run-level coefficient coding
  • Coding structure
    • Quad-tree coding structure
    • up to 64x64 CTU
  • Intra prediction
    • Square-shaped prediction block
    • 5 mode (DC/V/H/2 diagonals)
  • Inter predication
    • Uni-directional (P-frame)
    • Bi-directional (B-frame)
    • multiple reference pictures
    • 1/4-pel Motion Compensation w/ interpolation filter
    • 3 spatial neighbouring motion vector predicator
    • 1 temporal collocated motion vector predicator
    • Skip mode (no mvd, no residual)
  • Inverse quantization and transform
    • integer Discrete Cosine Transform
    • scalar quantization w/ look-up table
  • In-loop filtering
    • H.263 Annex J deblocking filter
  • Decoded Picture Buffer
    • sequence level control

Main Profile

  • High-level syntax
    • Picture Order Count Signaling (POCS)
    • Reference Picture Lists (RPL)
  • Entropy coding
    • Context Modeling and Initialization (CMI)
  • Coding structure
    • rectangular TILES
    • Binary Ternary Tree (BTT)
    • Split Unit Coding Order (SUCO)
  • Intra prediction
    • Enhanced Intra Prediction Directions (EIPD)
    • Intra Block Copy (IBC)
  • Inter predication
    • Advanced Motion Interpolation and Signaling (AMIS)
    • Merge with Motion Vector Difference (MMVD)
    • Advanced Motion Vector Prediction (ADMVP)
    • Adaptive Motion Vector Resolution (AMVR)
    • AFFINE prediction mode
    • Decoder-side Motion Vector Refinement (DMVR)
  • Inverse quantization and transform
    • Improved Quantization and Transform (IQT)
    • Adaptive Transform Selection (ATS)
    • Advanced Coefficient Coding (ADCC)
  • In-loop filtering
    • Hadamard Transform Domain Filter (HTDF)
    • Advanced Deblocking Filter (ADDB)
    • Adaptive Loop Filter (ALF)
  • Decoded Picture Buffer
    • flexible picture level control


According to MPEG, the EVC standard offers improved compression efficiency compared to existing video coding standards and is based on the statements of all contributors to the standard who have committed to announce their license terms for the MPEG-5 EVC standard no later than two years after the FDIS publication date.

ISO/IEC 23094-1:2020, Stage 50.00 FDIS registered (2020-05-18)


2020/5/8, Qualcomm・Samsung・Huawei 3社連名にて "Welcome the Release of a New Video Coding Standard" を表明。3社計ではスマートフォン向けチップセット市場シェア 60% (2019年)2を占める。


  1. 特許権の存続期間が終了、つまり20年以上前に公知となった技術。 

  2. https://www.counterpointresearch.com/samsung-became-third-largest-smartphone-application-processor-vendor-globally-2019/ 


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