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  • Junichi Hashimoto@JunichiHashimoto


  • Dr. Kiyoshi Ogawa@kaizen_nagoya

    I'm a network designer.I work on TOPPERS SmallestSetProfile Kernel,MISRA-C/C++, STARC RTL Design StyleGuide (Verilog-HDL), and HAZOP.I was an editor of ISO/IEC 15504.

  • @teruteru1243

    妻からのモラハラで鬱病になり離婚しました。仕事も失いました。 療養中ですが、自分を見つめなおす良い機会になりました。現在はプログラマーになりたいと考え、独学で勉強中です!右も左もわかない状態からのスタートです!とにかく頑張ってみます!

  • rkaku@rkaku

    I 💗 Panda Syntax 🐼 <- https://github.com/tinkertrain/panda-syntax-vscode

  • zaki@zaki_barrow


  • toriyama@hiredcenter

    32歳、元職人/営業マンの新米フロントエンドエンジニアです。 現代アートと映画好き。 転職して太ってしまったので、最近ダイエットに邁進中。

  • Rezbook Online@rezbookonline

    Rezbook Online is the best B2B travel portal in India to provide white label solution to travel agents, tour operators and travel distributors with best user-friendly platform.

  • Psychotherapy Services Toronto Natasha Sharma@nkstherapy

    For the best Psychotherapy Services Toronto, you can definitely reach out to us at NKS Therapy. Compared to our contemporaries, we stand out as one of the best therapy practice centres in Ontario.

  • Viva88 Com@wwwviva88

    www-viva88.com là gì? Liệt kê danh sách link đăng nhập cho điện thoại(mobile) và máy tính(laptop, pc) mới nhất không bị chặn bởi nhà mạng và hướng dẫn vào viva88

  • Roshan bhat@roshanbhatyu345

    CSS Founder is known as the best and most trusted Website Design Company in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We are sitting with the experienced team of website design & development.

  • akinori tomita@103tomita

    AWS Solution Architect Professional とDevOps Engineer Professional 取得が目標。CLF,SAA取得して今はSOA学習中。運用もぼちぼち始めてます。

  • へろ ほろ@mineral_30


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