‐Line + arc
Click and drag end point, tangent arc can be created.
Screencast: http://autode.sk/2elupbz
-Cancel snapping
SHIFT and mouse over
Screencast: http://autode.sk/2xdbqtP
-Parallel/perpendicular guide
mouse over target line
Screencast: http://autode.sk/2xf5w6n
-Change command type
Can be found on Sketch Pallet
Screencast: http://autode.sk/2xf5w6n
-Context menu for Dimension
Right click
screencast: http://autode.sk/2gbSEsg
-Arc centre or tangent (dimension context menu)
Right click
-LIne/Spline End task
Double Click
-Draw parpendicular line on Line
Start and Hold on line
-Draw parpendicular line on Circle
Hold on line (0, 90, 180, 270)
-Draw tangent line
Hold on line other than (0, 90, 180, 270)

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