php-master-changes 2019-02-11

今日は幾つかの Reflection のメソッドの arginfo の要求引数修正、ドキュメントの修正、PHP Testfest 2017 のテスト取り込みとテスト修正、pdo_oci の属性追加、parse_ini_string() のバグ修正、ini の字句解析器再生成、未定義定数のその名通りの文字列へのフォールバック廃止の 7.3 系へのバックポート、quotemeta() に空文字列を渡した際 false でなく空文字列を返すようにする修正、PEAR のインストールデフォルト無効化、php_stream_stat_path() でバッファの初期化が足りなかった問題の修正、mbstring の一部関数への引数のエンコーディング検証追加、autoconf での C99 指定追加、鬼車のバンドル外し、テスト修正お助け用スクリプト bless_tests.php の追加、DirectoryIterator が glob://* のようなカレントディレクトリ相対指定を受け付けない問題の修正があった!


carusogabriel: Fix variadic arginfos for Reflection functions

petk: [ci skip] Update changelog

Pete Albrecht: fnmatch error when pattern or filename too long

mbniebergall: Added test for xml_parser_set_option

galvao: Add test case for pcntl_setpriority basic behaviour

royopa: Test function quotemeta() - using an empty string is given as str.

Tom Van Herreweghe: Tests the 'Dynamically loaded extensions are not enabled' warning for dl()

ezimuel: Added test for openssl_pkcs12_export_to_file_error

JonathanStevens: Tests for readline() without input

wardcapp: Expand FTP delete basic test with "unknown file" coverage

petk: Fix failing tests for readline() without input

mbniebergall: Added test for non existent file for iptcembed

camporter: pdo_oci: Add PDO_OCI_ATTR_ACTION and CLIENT_INFO

camporter: pdo_oci: Register new attr constants and add tests

camporter: pdo_oci: Add client identifier and module attrs

cjbj: PDO_OCI tracing attribute PR merge

laruence: Fixed bug #77589 (Core dump using parse_ini_string with numeric sections)

laruence: regenerate with re2c 1.0.3

guilliamxavier: Fix tests bareword fallback with error suppression

nikic: Improve UPGRADING note

nikic: Return empty str from quotemeta() on empty str

nikic: Disable PEAR by default

johnstevenson: Fix #77552: Uninitialized buffer in stat functions

nikic: Validate pattern against mbregex encoding

nikic: Validate subject encoding in mb_split and mb_ereg_match

nikic: Enable C99 in autoconf

nikic: Unbundle oniguruma

nikic: Add MB_ONIGURUMA_VERSION and use it in a version dependent test

weltling: Unbundle oniguruma in config.w32

nikic: Add UPGRADING notes for oniguruma unbundling

nikic: Remove oniguruma lines from CONTRIBUTING

nikic: Add bless_tests.php

amaabdou: Fix bug #51068 (glob:// do not support current path relative)