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php-master-changes 2018-09-26

More than 1 year has passed since last update.

今日はバグ修正、Reflection のコード整理、7.2 系の作業対象バージョンを 7.2.12 へ、petk が今日もコードをお掃除、dmitry が ext/opcache の最適化、みたいな感じ!



sgolemon: Fixed bug #76918 Repeated parameter name in arg info

nikic: Reformat macros in php_reflection.c

nikic: Remove unused "dummy" member in reflection_object

petk: Remove unused ext/enchant/tests files

sgolemon: Bump version

petk: Remove unused ext/exif/tests/test6.jpg

petk: Make ext/session/mod_files.sh executable

petk: Remove unused files

petk: Remove outdated OOP examples Zend/tests/zend2.php.txt

petk: Remove outdated ext/ctype/ctpye.xml reference document

petk: [ci skip] Mention php_pdo_mysql_sqlstate.h in the contributing info

dstogov: Avoid useless store and checks in xlat_table.