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php-master-changes 2019-08-29

この日はシャットダウン処理の修正、オブジェクトのリーク検出精度向上のための修正、arginfo の PHP スタブへの移行、odbc_close() が ODBC 接続以外のリソースを食わせても閉じにいく問題の修正、Azure Pipelines の設定修正、ZFR エラー時の RETURN_FALSE 削除、幾つかの組み込み関数の警告を例外投げるエラーに昇格する修正、use-after-free の修正、md5 の実装で明示的に unaligned の整数型を使うようにする修正、継承時の参照カウント操作の修正があった!


nikic: Destroy error handlers before final GC run

nikic: Remove delref in free_object_storage

cmb69: Add ext/odbc stubs

nikic: Add missed mutability check

cmb69: Fix #78473: odbc_close() closes arbitrary resources

nikic: Set opcache.protect_memory=1 on Azure

cmb69: Don't explicitly set return value on ZFR failure in ext/odbc

Girgias: Promote warnings to errors in extract()

nikic: Fix use-after-free of immediately invoked closure with extra args

nikic: Use explicit unaligned type in md5 implementation

nikic: Addref static vars when not copying private method

Girgias: Promote warnings to errors in array_merge(_recursive)() and array_replace()

Girgias: Promote warnings to errors in compact()

Girgias: Promote warnings to errors in array_walk(_recursive)()

MarkRandall: Warnings become errors hash_hmac hash_hmac_file

MarkRandall: Warnings become errors hash_init

MarkRandall: Warnings become errors hash stream functions (other than hash_init)

MarkRandall: Warnings become errors for hash_hkdf

MarkRandall: Errorfy hash_pbkdf2

MarkRandall: Warnings to Errors hash_equals