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More than 1 year has passed since last update.


php-master-changes 2018-10-23

今日は ext/mysqlnd の微修正、テスト修正、オブジェクトプロパティ初期化処理の最適化、 マイナーバージョンリリースに伴う NEWS の修正、ext/soap のバグ修正、typo 修正、関数呼び出し処理の最適化、phpdbg の構文定義の微修正があった!


dstogov: Use persistent strings only for persistent connections

dstogov: Fixed test failurs introduced by 9c144e0d8217d1ef7a83c2498214308b21af749f

dstogov: Inlining in the most frequently used code paths

cmb69: [ci skip] Update NEWS wrt. php-7.3.0RC4 tagging

remicollet: bump to 7.2.13-dev

camporter: Fixed bug #50675

yobrx: fix typo in sysvsem.c

dstogov: Refetetch function name on exceptional path to allow better code on fast code path.

nikic: Fix conflicts in phpdbg parser

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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?