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(Part 1. Install package.json) Startup JavaScript Project with Webpack4, Vue2, Vue-Router, Vuex, Axios, ESLint, Babel, AirBnb

More than 1 year has passed since last update.

1. Init your project.

$ yarn init

question name (Demo_Project): 
question version (1.0.0): 
question description: This is a Demo Project
question entry point (index.js): 
question repository url (https://xxxx/Demo_Project.git): 
question author (Johnny Chu <chuhsun@gmail.com>): 
question license (MIT): 
question private: true

2. Install Webpack4

$ yarn add -D webpack webpack-cli \
              webpack-dev-server \

3. Install Vue in Webpack4

$ yarn add vue \
           vue-router \
           vuex \

$ yarn add -D vue-loader \

4. Install Axios in Webpack4

$ yarn add axios

5. Install CSS in Webpack4

$ yarn add -D css-loader \
              url-loader \

6. Install Babel in Webpack4

$ yarn add babel-polyfill

$ yarn add -D babel-eslint \
              babel-loader \
              babel-core \
              babel-preset-env \
              babel-plugin-transform-object-rest-spread \

7. Install Eslint in Webpack4

$ yarn add -D eslint \
              eslint-loader \
              eslint-config-airbnb-base \  <--- We use AirBnb coding style.
              eslint-plugin-import \
              eslint-plugin-vue \

8. Install Stylelint in Webpack4

$ yarn add -D stylelint \

9. Install Optimize Libraries in Webpack4

extract-text-webpack-plugin is not support webpack4. So we use mini-css-extract-plugin.

$ yarn add -D optimize-css-assets-webpack-plugin \
              clean-webpack-plugin \
              html-webpack-plugin \

Part 6. Config index.html

Part 5. Config .stylelintrc.json

Part 4. Config .eslintrc.json

Part 3. Config .babelrc

Part 2. Config Webpack4

Part 1. Install package.json

Github : Vue2-Starter-Kit

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