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ex) play framework 1.2.4 をインストールする場合


$ brew info play

play 2.0
Not installed
/usr/local/Library/Formula% git checkout 3caf5c5 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
/usr/local/Library/Formula% git info play 


$ brew versions play

2.0      git checkout 351d751 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.2.4    git checkout 3caf5c5 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.2.3    git checkout bee9712 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.2.2    git checkout 3137b6a /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.2.1    git checkout bcdf2d5 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.2      git checkout 744b044 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.1.1    git checkout 0476235 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.1      git checkout eea40ff /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb  git checkout aa76115 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
1.0.3    git checkout 19edb1f /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb


$ cd /usr/local/Library/Formula
$ git checkout 3caf5c5 /usr/local/Library/Formula/play.rb
$ brew info play

play 1.2.4
Not installed


brew install play
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