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I'm a network designer.I work on TOPPERS SmallestSetProfile Kernel,MISRA-C, STARC RTL Design StyleGuide (Verilog-HDL),HAZOP,ISO/IEC15504(AutomotiveSPICE),ISO26262. I was an editor on ISO/IEC 15504.

iOS / Android Application Engineer

Co-Founder and CEO of curiosity, Inc. / Ex-Yahoo, Inc. / 最近はロボット作る会社やってます。

Certified Scrum Professional (CSP), Android Engineer. interested in Scala, Perl, JavaScript, Java, Ruby, PHP, Lua HTML/CSS, Wordpress, Rails, Android, Unity, CoronaSDK.

ネイティブスマホゲーム開発 マーケティング・効果測定システム開発 HadoopとかBIとかデータ関連のお仕事.