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OpenChain: spec v2.1 の紹介 第6回 / Commentary of spec v2.1 vol.6, §3.5

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 本日は、ISO標準となったOpenChain Spec2.1の紹介の6回目、セクション3.5を紹介します。
 "3.5 Understanding open source community engagements"





  1. OSSプロジェクトへ著作物を投稿する際の社内手続きを明確にすること
  2. OSSプロジェクトへ投稿する著作物が知的財産権を侵害しないようにすること
  3. 投稿するOSSプロジェクトを一元管理してグループ企業を含めて共有し、グループ内の活動を活性化すること



  1. 投稿者は、OSSプロジェクトのライセンス条件や活動状況を評価します。
  2. OSSプロジェクトにCLA等の契約がある場合は、法務部門の審査を受けます。
  3. 投稿者の上司は、投稿者の名前とOSSプロジェクトを特定して記録します。
  4. 投稿者は、投稿するプログラムについて当社が投稿する権利を保有しており、秘密情報を含まないことを確認します。
  5. 新規のOSSとして名前を付ける場合は商標権を侵害していないことを確認します。
  6. 投稿者は、投稿するOSSプロジェクトを知財部門へ申請します。



 明日は、日本企業のコントリビューションの実情と課題について、Promotion SGのメンバーが先日学会発表を行いましたので、その概要を土手さんから紹介頂きます。

 Hello. This is Ohuchi from Fujitsu.
 I work in the Intellectual Property Department and support open source licensing compliance for projects that use open source internally.
 Today is the sixth iteration of the ISO standard OpenChain Spec 2.1 and introduces §3.5.
 "3.5 Understanding open source community engagements"

Description of the contents

 §3.5 is about contributing to open source projects.
 If an organization allows contributions to open source projects, it is necessary to have a documented contribution policy and process in place and to disseminate it within the organization through training and other means.

Our Policy

 We contribute to several open source projects.
 As a policy, "OSS Community Participation Guidelines" is documented and implemented.
 The purpose of these guidelines is to:.

  1. Clarify internal procedures related to contributions to open source projects.
  2. To confirm that a work contributed to an open source project does not infringe an intellectual property right.
  3. To activate a contribution activity to an open source project by unitarily managing the OSS project to which our company contributes including a group company and sharing it with the group company.

Internal procedures

Introducing the main procedures before posting.

  1. The contributor evaluates the license conditions and activity status of the open source project.
  2. If the open source project requires a contract such as CLA, the legal department will review the contract.
  3. The poster's boss identifies and records the poster's name and open source project.
    This is to distinguish between those who post privately and those who post in business.
  4. The contributor reserves the right to post about the program to be posted, and confirms that it does not contain confidential information.
  5. When naming as a new open source, the contributor will investigate that it does not infringe the trademark right.
  6. The contributor applies for an open source project to be posted to the Intellectual Property Department.
    The Intellectual Property Department will post a list of open source projects on its internal site to enable internal developers to communicate with each other.

 "OSS Community Participation Guidelines" are posted on our internal website and introduced in our open source educational materials.
The number of open source projects we contribute to is steadily increasing.

Next day's introduction

 Tomorrow, I will introduce the actual situation and issues of contribution by Japanese companies.
 The other day, a member of Promotion SG gave a presentation, and I would like to introduce the outline.


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