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OpenChain: spec v2.1 の紹介 第5回 / Commentary of spec v2.1 vol.5, §3.4

Last updated at Posted at 2020-12-17

OpenChain Spec v2.1 第3.4章

本日は、OpenChain v2.1の中身の紹介 第5弾 (3.4章) です。

これら資料について、重要になってくるのはSBOM(Software Bill of Materials)です。SBOMのフォーマットがバラバラだと部署間、会社間での情報共有が煩雑になります。

Japan WGでは、SBOMについての理解を深めたり、使いやすくするための提案をするLicense Info SGが活動しています。明日はサブグループのリーダー、伊藤さんから、License Info SGの紹介をしていただきます。

OpenChain Spec v2.1 §3.4

Today is the 5th part (Clause 3.4), introducing the contents of OpenChain v2.1.
Chapter 3.4 describes what documentation you need to create and provide to users in order to comply with the OSS licensing terms contained in the actual software you provide.

2 items to be checked are defined.
When distributing software including OSS, internal processes should be developed to create and appropriately distribute a set of materials to be provided as defined in the license. And keep the set of materials for a reasonable period of time.
For these documents, SBOM(Software Bill of Materials) is very important. Different SBOM formats complicate information sharing between departments and companies.

In the Japan WG, the License Info SG is working to deepen understanding of SBOM and to make it easier to use. Ito-san as a leader of this subgroup will introduce our activities of License Info SG tomorrow.
Stay tuned!


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