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OpenChain Japan Working - Leaflet SubGroup

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Leaflet SubGroupの活動紹介 / Introduction of Leaflet SubGroup acts.

今年も残すところ後半月となりました。今日は、ネットワーク・セキュリティ系のエンジニアの経験を活かし、今は自社でオープンソースプログラムオフィスの一員として、OpenChain Projectの活動に参加させていただいている小保田が、OpenChain Project 日本グループのleafletグループの活動について、少しご紹介させていただきます。

Today, I would like to tell you about the activities of the leaflet group of the OpenChain Project Japan working group. I'm Norio Kobota who is now participating in the OpenChain Project activities as a member of the open source program office of my company, making use of my experience as an engineer in the network security field.

リーフレットって何? / What is the leaflet?

リーフレットは、OpenChain ProjectのReference Materialから取得可能な、オープンソースソフトウェアを取り扱う際の注意事項について記述された簡単なガイドブックです。日本語版は、こちらのgithubより取得できます。
OpenChain Projectにおいては当初より、そのソフトウェアサプライチェーンにおけるOSSライセンスコンプライアンスの難しさが重要視されており、それを解決する一つの手段として、企業における様々な立場の方々にとって、分かり易い簡単なガイドブックが必要だと、Japan Working Groupのメンバは考えました。
その後、グループメンバーの協力の元、2019/04 日本語版、2019/05 英語版をJapan Working Groupより提供することが出来ました。また素晴らしいことに、このリーフレットは世界中で必要とされることとなり、各国のサブグループの協力の元、今では、中国語(繁体字、簡体字)、ベトナム語への翻訳も済んでいます

The leaflet is a simple guide book which describes useful information when dealing with open source software, available from Reference Material of OpenChain Project. You can obtain the Japanese version from github here.
In the OpenChain Project, the difficulty of OSS license compliance in the software supply chain has been emphasized from the beginning, and the members of the Japan Working Group thought that as a means to solve this problem, a simple guidebook that is easy to understand for people in various positions in the enterprise was necessary.
After that, with the cooperation of the group members, we were able to provide the Japanese version 2019/04 and the English version 2019/05. The great thing about this leaflet is that it has become global, and thanks to the cooperation of various subgroups, Chinese(Traditional and Simplified) and Vietnamese versions are now available here.

リーフレットサブグループって何してるの? / What are the activities of the leaflet subgroups.

例えば、Linux Foundationが開催するOpen Source Summit/Embedded Linux Conferenceや、電子機器の祭典である、CES、果ては日本のほぼ裏側で開催されたDebConf 2019など、それぞれが主業務などで参加する様々なイベントにこのリーフレットを持ち込み、紹介すると共にリーフレットの配布を行っています。

Because the creation of leaflets was settled last year, there are not many activities such as creating documents rececntly. For this reason, I would like to introduce the activities of (2019) last year.
The fact that we were able to create a leaflet that is easy to understand is a great achievement. However, what we think is really important is to increase the number of people with that knowledge, and to have many people use the guidebook when they need it. For this reason, we print leaflets for various lectures and introduce their purpose and necessity.
For example, the Open Source Summit/Embedded Linux Conference held by the Linux Foundation, CES which is a festival for electronic devices, and DebConf 2019, which was held in almost the other side of Japan, have introduced and distributed leaflets at various events attended by members of the Japan Working Group.

これから / Future

明日は、忍頂寺さんによる、OpenChain Spec2.1の内容紹介 第4弾です。お楽しみに!

Due to the effects of the COVID-19, this subgroup activity itself is currently stagnating. However, I would like to invite you to join us. We will do some writing and public relations activities with other subgroups.
Tomorrow is OpenChain Spec2.1, 4th introduction by Ninjoji-san. Look forward to it!


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