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OpenChain: spec v2.1 の紹介 第2回 / Commentary of spec v2.1 vol.2, §3.1.4-3.1.5

Last updated at Posted at 2020-12-09

OpenChain spec v2.1 の紹介 §3.1.4-3.1.5

本日は、OpenChain spec v2.1 の中身の紹介第2弾(1.4~1.5章)です。


そこで、Japan WGのFAQサブグループでは「OSSライセンス関連でよくある誤解FAQ」を纏めて公開する活動を行っています。

明日はこのFAQ SGの活動を紹介します。

Commentary of the OpenChain spec v2.1 §3.1.4-3.1.5

Today, we will introduce the contents of the OpenChain spec v2.1 (Chapter 1.4-1.5).

Chapter 1.4 is about the scope of the OSS Compliance Program. Th e OSS compliance program gives you the freedom to choose whether it covers your entire organization or just some product lines.

Chapter 1.5 is a chapter on reviewing each OSS license within your organization. Organizations should establish a process for reviewing and documenting OSS license obligations, restrictions, and rights for each use case.
Reviewing OSS licenses in Chapter 1.5 is a very important task for an organization, but a difficult task for an unfamiliar organization.
Therefore, the FAQ subgroup of the Japan WG is working to publish "common misunderstanding FAQs related to OSS licenses" together.

Tomorrow we will introduce the activities of this FAQ subgroup.


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