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m5 KNT
C++,C#,Python あたりを使っていたおじさんにゃーん にゃーんとか言っちゃうキモイおっさんにゃーん #付きタイトルを記事の根元にしていますにゃーん

Osaka, JAPAN

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    I think that such sites paperrate earned the trust of a young audience. A large review of our texts you can see in the public domain on the Internet.

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  • Dr. Kiyoshi Ogawa

    I'm a network designer.I work on TOPPERS SmallestSetProfile Kernel,MISRA-C/C++, STARC RTL Design StyleGuide (Verilog-HDL),HAZOP.I was an editor on ISO/IEC 15504.

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