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イベント報告/Event Report

Last updated at Posted at 2020-12-04

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OpenChainのISO化の話からは少し外れますが、今週は12/1にOpen Compliance Summit、12/2-4にOpen Source Summit Japanと大きなイベントが続きましたので、その報告です。

Open Compliance Summitとは?

Open Compliance Summitは、毎年この時期に日本で開催されているイベントです。名前の通りOSSのコンプライアンスについて議論する場です。Linux Foundationのメンバーだったり招待してもらったりしないと参加できません。チャタムハウスルールが適用されますし、その分濃密な話を期待して良いです。今年は新型コロナの影響でオンラインでの開催になりました。


コンプライアンス関連で2020年の一番大きな出来事としては、もちろんOpenChain 2.1のISO化ですね。SPDXもISO化に向けて活動していることも紹介されていました。

Open Source Summit Japanとは?

Open Source Summit Japanとは毎年春の終わりから夏の初め辺りに日本で開催されているイベントです。こちらはコンプライアンスに限定せずOSSについて広く議論する場です。今年はオリンピックと重なるのでそもそもいつもと違う時期に予定されていましたが、新型コロナの影響でこの時期にオンラインでの開催になりました。



次にAutomotive Grade Linux UCB バージョン10.0の紹介がありました。自動車にはあまり詳しくないので、これ以上は書けませんが、次のバージョンの愛称がKooky Koiだそうです。Kookyの意味は分かりませんが、Koiは鯉のことです。


LF Energyについて基調講演の中でも触れられましたし、基調講演の後LF Energyミニサミットが開催されました。また、LF Edgeに関するセッションもありました。LF EnergyもLF Edgeも単純にその名前のOSSと対応する団体というわけではなく抽象的なもののようですので、会議の名前には「オープンソース」とありますが対象がかなり広がっているのを感じます。




「他の会社ではOSSライセンスのコンプライアンス活動にどう取り組んでいるのだろう」というのは皆さんもとても気になることではないでしょうか。OpenChain Japan WGではそのような疑問に答える調査を行ない、論文としてまとめました。明日はその論文の著者の一人である遠藤さんが調査結果について書きます。楽しみにしていてください。

It's a little off the topic of ISOization of OpenChain, but this week we had a big event such as Open Compliance Summit on 12/1 and Open Source Summit Japan on 12/2-4. So I will report them here.

What is Open Compliance Summit?

The Open Compliance Summit is an annual event held in Japan at this time of year. As the name implies, it is a place to discuss OSS compliance. To join this event, you must be a member of the Linux Foundation or invited. Chatham House rules apply, so you can expect a deeper discucssion. This year, due to COVID-19, it was held online.

Contents of this year

Of course, the biggest event in 2020 related to compliance is ISOization of OpenChain 2.1. It was also introduced that SPDX is also working toward ISOization.
For 2021, it is said that "visualization has became possible, so optimization will be in turn" due to ISOization. Based on that trend, I have the impression that there were many announcements about compliance tools.
The biggest thing for me is that I learned that the famous copyright troll was involved in PostgreSQL last year. So he is mentioned in Acknowledgments for Release 12. Oh, that means my name is written alongside his name...

What is Open Source Summit Japan?

Open Source Summit Japan is an event held in Japan from the end of spring to the beginning of summer every year. This is a place to discuss OSS widely, not limited to compliance. This year was scheduled for a different time than usual because it overlaps with the Olympics, but due to COVID-19, it was held online at this time.

Contents of this year

1st day

In the keynote speech it was said that OSS was well going in 2020, despite the pandemic and trade conflicts. On the contrary, OSS is also used to combat pandemic. (This is also true of Tokyo's stopcovid19 site, isn't it?)
Next, Automotive Grade Linux UCB version 10.0 was introduced. I'm not very familiar with cars, so I can't write any more, but the next version is nicknamed Kooky Koi. I don't know what Kooky means, but Koi is a carp in Japanese.
It was also introduced that Linux is used in the supercomputer FUGAKU.

2nd day

LF Energy was mentioned in the keynote speech, and the LF Energy Mini Summit was held after the keynote speech. There was also a session about LF Edge. It seems that neither LF Energy nor LF Edge is one OSS name, so although the name of the conference says "open source", I feel that the scope of this summit has expanded considerably.

3rd day

RISC-V was mentioned in the keynote speech, and there was also a session dealing with RISC-V. (Although it happened on other days.) RISC-V is open hardware, so it's already beyond the scope of "open source".
I was also impressed that the times have changed when a person from Microsoft talked about embedded systems at such Linux-related meetings.


Everyone might be wondering, "How are other companies working on OSS license compliance activities?" The OpenChain Japan WG conducted a survey to answer such questions and compiled it as a treatise. Tomorrow, one of the authors of the treatise, Endo-san, will talk about the survey results. I hope you all will enjoy it.


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