Kohki Takatama


JS, Ruby on Rails, Haskellをやります。 Qiita以外の発信媒体は https://potofu.me/kohki-takatama


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    Nepal Realistic Solution is a ISO consulting and certifying company for Nepal, Canada, the USA, the UK, Australia, New Zealand, Canada and worldwide.

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    Aviation training and courses with Elysium HR. We provide thorough instruction in ground operations, air ticketing, and cargo handling.

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    We are the greatest investment management firm in Nepal is Yojana Investment, and we provide a variety of investment options to both local and foreign clients.

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    Welcome to CMGL Scholarship Program, your gateway to educational opportunities in Turkey!

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    Floyd Bailey, your financial protection partner, offers a range of services including investing in gold and silver, comprehensive financial planning, and professional money management.

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    Atoms Eden is dedicated to providing accessible and affordable hydrogen inhalation and H₂ water equipment to individuals, clinics, spas, and the alternative healthcare community.

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    Welcome to Bob’s Cutlery, your all-in-one for a super-quality, versatile collection of knives, swords, cryptozoology products, and reliable knife sharpening service.

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    Lusid is a high-end fashion brand because we use only the finest materials and craftsmanship to create our clothing and accessories.

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    Integrative Pediatrics offers comprehensive healthcare services for children, blending conventional medicine with holistic approaches to promote optimal health and wellness.

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    Beyond his strategic acumen, Gavin is revered for his unwavering commitment to client satisfaction.

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  • @sora22-code

    文系大学4回生 railsチュートリアル学習中 基本情報技術者 Output用

  • Alex Lob@djalex

    DJ AlexUA mixes deep house, techno, and Ukrainian folk, captivating audiences from Europe to BestRadio. A vinyl lover, I bring cultural richness to every set. Join the journey.

  • The Sola Park@thesolaparks

    The Sola Park là phân khu giai đoạn 2 của Imperia Smart City được MIK Group triển khai nằm trong quần thể đại đô thị thông minh Vinhomes Smart City

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