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JAVAはISO/IEC JTC1規格、ECMA規格にならなかった。


JAVAがISO/IEC JTC1規格にならなかった1997-1998年に比べて、

PHP, Pythonができたのはもっと前。JAVAの非公開性と無関係。


JavaTM Standardization A White Paper, Ken Urquhart, JavaSoft,

2550 Garcia Avenue, Mountain View, CA 94043 U.S.A. 408-343-1400, April 1997



標準情報 TR X 0005-1998 Java言語規定 解説



JSG - Java Study Group



ISO Java Standardization Profile



JTC1/SC22 N2531 Mon, 28 Jul 1997



TC1/SC22 N2574 Thu, 28 Aug 1997




Date: 1998-10-26 / 1998-10-27, Java Study Group



Why JavaTM Was - Not - Standardized Twice, Tineke M. Egyedi

Copyright 2001 IEEE. Published in the Proceedings of the Hawai'i International Conference On System Sciences, January 3-6, 2001, Maui, Hawaii.



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