More than 1 year has passed since last update.

GitHub は素で対応してないので、外部サービスを使います。

![]( と書いて、Graphviz のコードを続けるだけ。最後に ) で閉じます。

具体的には、次の Markdown で、下記の図が生成されます。

  digraph G {
    CoreData [shape=box]
    FLMAssetFetchService [shape=box]
    AppDelegate -> FLMAssetFetchService [label="1.start"]
    FLMAssetFetchService -> FLMAssetFetchOperation [label="2.Kick"]
    FLMAssetFetchOperation -> FLMAssetFetchService [label="3.NSNotification(FetchedAsset)"]
    FLMAssetFetchOperation -> FLMFetchedAssetTransformer [label="ALAsset or PHAsset"]
    FLMFetchedAssetTransformer -> FLMAssetFetchOperation [label=FLMFetchedAsset]
    FLMAssetFetchService -> "FLMAssetStoreOperation" [label="4.FetchedAsset"]
    "FLMAssetStoreOperation" -> CoreData [label="5.Commit FLMPhoto, FLMAlbum"]
    "FLMAssetStoreOperation" -> App [label="6.Notify via NSNotification"]


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