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Message from Ilan Rabinovitch ( Technical community director)



Today marks the last day of Datadog advent. I would like to thank all of our and authors for sharing stories from their journey observability with the wider Datadog community. Your passion and ingenuity inspire your fellow community members as they each take their own first steps towards building observable systems in their own environments.

Since the last 24 days have been stories from our community in Japan, I thought you might enjoy hearing some of the experiences and creative ideas for Datadog deployments from our wider global community.

Datadog Summit

Recenlty we held the inaugural Datadog Summit in NY. During the event we brought together community members from around the country to share their stories and learn from each other. While there were amazing presentations all around from both our staff and community, I wanted to highlight a few here:

  • Cory Watson (Youtube) from Stripe shared with us their experiences in building an internal culture that valued obserability and metrics. This session reminds us that good tooling is only part of the challenge and we look to make our organizations more data driven, as DevOps community has taught us via CAMS culture and organizational alignment must come first.

  • Ben Hughes from AirBnb (Youtube) shared Datadog and monitoring best practices they have developed internally over the years. From volunteer on call rotations to programmatic management of alerting and dashboard configurations with interferon there are many gems in this sessions.

A full set of videos are available on Youtube

Creative Uses of Datadog

Many of you have told us stories of how you use Datadog to monitor key parts of your infrastructure with articles on everythign from GPUs, to Load Balancers, Windows, etc. Recently we shared some interesting stories around creative uses from our global community who have taken their love observability to new heights.

  • Jack Chen @chendo wanted to better understand the quality of his sleeping environment at home. To enable this he purchased and reverse engineered the Sense sensors from Hello, and began emitting the data as metrics to Datadog. He now has dashboards in place that track noise and light levels, as well as humidity. The data is helping him improve his quality of sleep, as well as to combat a pesky mold problem.

  • The Segment.io team found many of their new team members were having trouble focusing at the office. They assumed problem was noise from their open-office plan, but they did not know the source or how to stop it. Having a data-driven culture the team dove in and built a series of Datadog integrations and dashboards to track noise levels in their office. They used this data to re-arrange their offices, and gained huge efficiencies and improve productivity.

Other fun projects include:

  • Bathroom availability. Datadog staff built tools to Monitoring Bathroom availability in the Datadog offices

  • Keeping cold beers ontap. Andrew Malota at Lithium Technologies built a monitor to track the temperature and quantity of beer available in their office kegerator. Datadog now helps them monitor both the temperature and estimated quantity of beer, and sends alerts if the beer gets too warm or the keg needs a refill.

Thank you to everyone who shared their stories this month. I hope we can continue to share and learn together as we kick off the new year. Whether you are working on a new open-source integration or just have a unique way you are using metrics we would love to hear about them.

Happy new year and Happy Monitoring!

Ilan Rabinovitch
Dir, Technical Community

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