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$ vim /etc/aliases
#  Aliases in this file will NOT be expanded in the header from
#  Mail, but WILL be visible over networks or from /bin/mail.
#       >>>>>>>>>>      The program "newaliases" must be run after
#       >> NOTE >>      this file is updated for any changes to
#       >>>>>>>>>>      show through to sendmail.

# Basic system aliases -- these MUST be present.
mailer-daemon:  postmaster
postmaster:    root

# General redirections for pseudo accounts.
bin:            root
daemon:        root
adm:            root
lp:            root
sync:          root
shutdown:      root
halt:          root
mail:          root
news:          root
uucp:          root
operator:      root
games:          root
gopher:        root
ftp:            root
nobody:        root
radiusd:        root
nut:            root
dbus:          root
vcsa:          root
canna:          root
wnn:            root
rpm:            root
nscd:          root
pcap:          root
apache:        root
webalizer:      root
dovecot:        root
fax:            root
quagga:        root
radvd:          root
pvm:            root
amanda:        root
privoxy:        root
ident:          root
named:          root
xfs:            root
gdm:            root
mailnull:      root
postgres:      root
sshd:          root
smmsp:          root
postfix:        root
netdump:        root
ldap:          root
squid:          root
ntp:            root
mysql:          root
desktop:        root
rpcuser:        root
rpc:            root
nfsnobody:      root

ingres:        root
system:        root
toor:          root
manager:        root
dumper:        root
abuse:          root

newsadm:        news
newsadmin:      news
usenet:        news
ftpadm:        ftp
ftpadmin:      ftp
ftp-adm:        ftp
ftp-admin:      ftp
www:            webmaster
webmaster:      root
noc:            root
security:      root
hostmaster:    root
info:          postmaster
marketing:      postmaster
sales:          postmaster
support:        postmaster

# trap decode to catch security attacks
decode:        root

# Person who should get root's mail
#root:          marc


# info:          postmaster

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