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HTML5 Conference 2016 Notes

W3C Nakamura-san

HDR can change brightness of each pixel. Web needs implementation.
Web is the center of Buzz Word(Big Data, IoT, AI).
Web is distributed OS around the world
UNIX vs Web
TV and instrument panel on the car will be HTML
ePub and W3C will be merged
Up-down direction is on progress in the CSS Working group.
The keypoint of block chain is trust in the distributed system.
One of copperation between Web and IoT is Servient.

Increments Oikawa-san

Web as Application
API, Web Components, Progress Apps to follow native
Spatial sound by Web
WebAssembly: Run C++ on browser
Increase of mobile app means reject to mobile Web => AMP
Native is not perfect. Users can't find it.

Latest trend of React and best practice by Kobayashi-san

General information

Used by Instagram, Netflix, Twitter(mobile), AbemaTV, Hyperterm(terminal made by Electron), new Jenkins component
Learn once, Write anywhere
Declative. jQuery is mission base

Best practice

Stateless Functional Components is first choice. Just function without instance.
State is only for the data which needs display.
From 15.3, PureComponent was introduced. Shallow comparison between props and state improves performance.
Arrow function generates each time. Measurement by react-addons-perf is important.
createClass is deprecated at slow pace
High Order Components. recomponents is utility collection
Function as Child Components doesn't need wrap, but optimization is difficult.
The state of application should be stored on one place as possible.
Redux is popular recently.
There are three choices for React test.
Use ShallowRender for Component unit test. enzyme by AirBnB is useful
react-test-renderer is recently added
By eslint plugin, you can check whether the code conform with best practice
Demo of React Story Book
Demo of Redux Dev Tools. Export as json is possible.

Real world

Facebook "We only open source what we use"


Core will shrink
ReactFiber is complete replacement of internal algorithm