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iOS+OpenCV: Getting started

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OpenCV+iOS tutorials

"OpenCV for iOS" book samples

OpenCV for iOSという電子書籍に掲載されているサンプルのソースコード集

  • Chapter01 Hello World

  • Chapter02 Displaying Image

  • Chapter03 Linking OpenCV

  • Chapter04 Detecting Faces

  • Chapter05 Printing Postcard

  • Chapter06 Working with Gallery

  • Chapter07 Applying Retro Effect

  • Chapter08 Taking Photos from Camera

  • Chapter09 Creating Static Library

  • Chapter10 Capturing Video

  • Chapter11 Advanced Camera Control

  • Chapter12 Processing Video

  • Chapter13 Saving Video

  • Chapter14 Optimizing with NEON

  • Chapter15 Detecting Facial Features