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bundlerのParallel installationの速さを体感

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Parallel installation - pullreq


Bundlerで並列処理??bundle installを爆速で処理する方法。

$ gem install bundler --pre
$ bundle install --jobs=4



source ""
gem "rails"


1 2 3 4 5 AVG
real 36.110s 33.427s 31.694s 34.629s 36.245s 34.421s
user 5.073s 5.104s 5.080s 5.003s 5.169s 5.0858s
sys 0.961s 0.907s 0.888s 0.930s 0.897s 0.9166s


1 2 3 4 5 AVG
real 24.492s 19.518s 20.728s 20.412s 20.329s 21.096s
user 5.626s 5.334s 5.455s 5.529s 5.393s 5.467s
sys 1.185s 1.051s 1.097s 1.051s 1.071s 1.091s

v1.3.5 vs v1.4.0.pre.1

v1.3.5 v1.4.0.pre.1 DIFF
real 34.421s 21.096s 13.325s
user 5.086s 5.467s -0.382s
sys 0.917s 1.091s -0.174s
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