<!doctype html>
    <canvas id="canvas" width="0" height="0"></canvas>

    <script type="text/JavaScript">

        var canvas;
        canvas = document.getElementById("canvas");
        var gl = canvas.getContext("experimental-webgl");

        var renderInfo = gl.getExtension("WEBGL_debug_renderer_info");
        if (renderInfo != null) {
            var vendor   = gl.getParameter(renderInfo.UNMASKED_VENDOR_WEBGL);  
            var renderer = gl.getParameter(renderInfo.UNMASKED_RENDERER_WEBGL);

            document.write(vendor + "<br>");
            document.write(renderer + "<br>");




ATI Technologies Inc.
AMD Radeon R9 M295X OpenGL Engine

WEBGL_debug_renderer_info - Web API インターフェイス | MDN

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