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Vimium — デフォルトのキーマップ一覧 (好きなものだけ有効化)

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Navigating the page

# Navigating the page

map j scrollDown
map <c-e> scrollDown
map k scrollUp
map <c-y> scrollUp
map gg scrollToTop
map G scrollToBottom
map d scrollPageDown
map u scrollPageUp
map - scrollFullPageDown
map - scrollFullPageUp
map h scrollLeft
map l scrollRight
map r reload
map yy copyCurrentUrl
map p openCopiedUrlInCurrentTab
map P openCopiedUrlInNewTab
map i enterInsertMode
map v enterVisualMode
map gi focusInput
map f LinkHints.activateMode
map F LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewTab
map - LinkHints.activateModeToOpenInNewForegroundTab
map gf nextFrame
map gF mainFrame

# Using the vomnibar

map o Vomnibar.activate
map O Vomnibar.activateInNewTab
map b Vomnibar.activateBookmarks
map B Vomnibar.activateBookmarksInNewTab
map T Vomnibar.activateTabSelection
map - enterFindMode
map n performFind
map N performBackwardsFind

# Navigating history

map H goBack
map L goForward

# Manipulating tabs

map t createTab
map J previousTab
map gT previousTab
map K nextTab
map gt nextTab
map ^ visitPreviousTab
map g0 firstTab
map g$ lastTab
map yt duplicateTab
map <a-p> togglePinTab
map <a-m> toggleMuteTab
map x removeTab
map X restoreTab

# Miscellaneous

map ? showHelp




最上段に ummapAll を書いた後に、好きなオプションを有効化していけば良い。


map gg  scrollToTop
map G  scrollToBottom
map d  scrollPageDown
map u  scrollPageUp



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