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Rails: How to make an action in ActiveAdmin.register_page

I really struggled with ActiveAdmin's register_page (writing not associated with a model).


  • Add an action with page_action . page_action you do not write page_action , even routing will not be added! (But why, only the index action does not have to be defined from the beginning)

  • The part corresponding to index do ActiveAdmin.register is content do in register_profile! (It is hard to understand)

  • For example, if you write @text = 'ABCD' in index do , you can not use it in content do ! It is an ordinary variable called text.

  • Layout changes are written directly under controller do ! Do not write in def index or something.

  • def index and content do correspond. So, for example, what corresponds to def edit ? Maybe page_action: edit do. (Unsettled)

    ActiveAdmin.register_page "AuthorPage" do content do panel 'メニュー' do link_to '新規作成', admin_authorpage_new_path end table_for authors do column "名前", :name column "性別", :gender column ("name_changed"){ |author| author.name_changed } column ("編集"){ |author| link_to('編集する', admin_authorpage_edit_path(id: } end end page_action :new, method: :get page_action :create, method: :post page_action :update, method: :post page_action :edit, method: :get do end controller do layout 'active_admin', only: [:edit, :new] def index @authors = Author.all end def new end def create Author.create(params.require(:author).permit(:name, :gender)) flash[:notice] = '作成しました。' redirect_to admin_authorpage_path end def update flash[:notice] = '編集しました。' author = Author.find(params[:author][:id]) author.update(params.require(:author).permit(:name, :gender)) redirect_to admin_authorpage_edit_path(id: params[:author][:id]) end def edit @author = Author.find(params[:id]) end end end

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Rails: ActiveAdmin.register_page でのアクションの作り方とはまりどころ。


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