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How to SELECT fictitious records without using FROM in SQL

Just pass a string or a number to SELECT.

 SELECT 'john', 'programmer', 30; 


 +------+-----------+----+ | john | programmer | 30 | +------+-----------+----+ | john | programmer | 30 | +------+-----------+----+ 

You can use the SQL syntax for this fictional record. For example, you can AS column names with AS .

 SELECT 'john' AS Name, 'programmer' AS Job, 30 AS Age; 


 +------+------------+-----+ | Name | Job | Age | +------+------------+-----+ | john | programmer | 30 | +------+------------+-----+ 

This method is useful for checking the operation of SQL itself. (Because you do not have to create test data)


  • mysql Ver 14.14 Distrib 5.6.26, for osx 10.10 (x86_64) using EditLine wrapper


There is an RDBMS that can omit the FROM clause and an RDBMS that can not omit it. Although it can be omitted in major OSS-DBs such as PostgreSQL and MySQL and some commercial RDBMSs, it is not possible to omit the FROM clause in representative commercial RDBMSs such as Oracle and DB2.

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SQL で FROM を使わず、架空のレコードを SELECT する方法


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