Unity 2Dリリースノート履歴 2017.2~


対象 : Tilemapが導入されたUnity 2017.2から、投稿時最新のUnity 2018.3.8まで



  • 2D:Added Tilemap.


  • 2D:Console warning "Texture being dragged has no Sprites" is no longer printed infinitely when sprite is being dragged on Scene window. (916845)

  • 2D:Fixed case of "Unapplied Module Changes" Window appearing when navigating to Edit Outline / Edit Physics Shape but making no changes. (916747)

  • 2D:Fixed case of Aniso Level on Texture being stuck at 16 when imported as Sprite Texture and without mipmaps enabled. (909748)

  • 2D:Fixed case of sprite packer causing an Out Of Memory error. (897066)

  • 2D:Fixed case of text for "Edit Physics Shape" being cutoff in Sprite Editor window regardless of window size. (916742)



  • 2D - Exposed methods to set and retrieve Physics Shape from a Sprite.

  • 2D - Improved the name for the packed texture generated by a Sprite Atlas.

  • 2D - Sprites created by importing a texture now have a default Physics Shape generated.


  • 2D:Fixed crash when Sprite Atlas scale results in a non-power-of-two texture and Crunch Compression is enabled. (960808, 953058)

  • 2D:Fixed ReflectionTypeLoadException from TilePalette when TilePalette is opened with 4.6 .Net and a user assembly cannot be loaded. (952556)

  • 2D:Fixed SetMinMax for Bounds/RectInt.

  • 2D:Fixed SortingGroup not applying sorting changes when child objects are duplicated or added dynamically.

  • 2D:Fixed switching platform and building project without making any changes will not cause Sprite Atlas asset to change. (968721)

  • 2D:Fixed the generation of Sprite Physics Shape for Sprites when the Texture is set to multiple Sprites mode, has no user Sprite Physics Shape set and does not generate a tight mesh for the Sprite.

  • 2D:Fixed tiled sprite renderer crash when a sprite is being packed in a Sprite Atlas which is not included in the build. (960807, 954812)

  • 2D:Fixed Tilemap Move to show correct Move preview. (952529)

  • 2D:Fixed TilemapRenderer showing tiles when Tilemap.ClearAllTiles() is called. (951514)

  • 2D:Fixed updating an active Tilemap palette prefab not exposing it into the SceneView. (947462)



  • 2D:Fixed an issue that was causing the Physics Shape of a Sprite2D to not being properly set unless the 'Edit Physics Shape' tab was opened first. (986368)(985912)



  • 2D:Fixed Compressed ETC Variant Sprite Atlases become corrupted when changing their scale with target - latform set to Android. (955711)

  • 2D:Fixed Sprite Renderer memory leak when changing size value in tiled mode. (1006814)



  • 2D:Unity now generates a default Physics Shape when it creates a Sprite from an imported Texture.


  • 2D:Exposed methods to set and retrieve Physics Shape from a Sprite.

  • 2D:If you use Shift-Click to do picking for Tile Palette, Unity now switches back to the original tool after picking is done.

  • 2D:Unity now displays a confirmation dialog box when you create new Tile Assets that overwrite existing Tile Assets.

  • 2D:Unity now saves changes to the Tile Palette when you stop editing the Tile Palette, or when you save the project.

API Changes

  • 2D:Added new methods for Sprites to set and retrieve Physics Shape: GetPhysicsShapeCount, GetPhysicsShapePointCount, GetPhysicsShape,OverridePhysicsShape`.


  • 2D:Fix ArgumentOutOfRangeException thrown when attempt to move point outside of the sprite rect in Sprite Editor while holding control key (946546)



  • 2D:Fixed NullReferenceException from Tilemap Palette when assembly changes. (978651)



  • 2D:Change Outline and Physics Shape module behaviour in Sprite Editor Window. The module will only show outlines only when user has customised it.

  • 2D:TextureImporter Inspector has an option to enable default Physics Shape for Sprites


  • 2D:Fixed an issue that was causing the Physics Shape of a Sprite2D to not being properly set unless the 'Edit Physics Shape' tab was opened first. (990691)

  • 2D:Fixed a crash after building and loading an Asset Bundle with Tilemap in the Editor. (976411)

  • 2D:Fixed a crash when Tilemap is loaded with invalid Tiles in the Editor. (972214)

  • 2D:Fixed an error message "A script behaviour has a different serialization layout when loading" when a Tilemap was loaded in players with code stripping. (969827)

  • 2D:Fixed Physics2D.TilemapCollider.TileUpdate taking an extremely long time to update every time a script recompile happens. (966605)

  • 2D:Fixed Tilemap not setting Tiles with the correct data in players with code stripping. (965608)



  • (1008942) - * 2D:Fixed Tilemap not setting Tiles with the correct data in players with code stripping.



  • 2D - Added parameter to Sprite.Create to specify if a fallback physics shape is generated. False by default.



  • (1010103) - * 2D:Fixed tiles not showing up visually on the tile palette.



  • (1015836) - * 2D:Fixed Sprite Pivot setting appears when Sprite Mode is set to Multiple but does not appear when it's set to Single.



  • (1035312) - * 2D:Fixed sprite not being loaded from Sprite Atlas issue when referenced anywhere in the scene.


  • (955711) - * 2D:Fix Compressed ETC Variant Sprite Atlases become corrupted when changing their scale with target platform set to Android.


  • (1006814) - * 2D:Fixed Sprite Renderer memory leak when changing size value in tiled mode.



  • 2D:Fixed Unity crashing on MonoStringNew when entering Play Mode after reopening the project and loading resources. (1066715)



  • 2D:Fixed tiled animated Sprites glitch when iterating over frames. (1076834, 1093240)



  • 2D:Fixed Collider2D only regenerates when Auto Tiling is enabled in Collider2D (1083871)



  • 2D:Fixed a crash when packing certain Sprite Atlas on Android. (1017666, 1101608)



  • 2D:Fixed Unity Editor crash during Sprite Atlas packing. (1029266)



  • 2D:[Experimental] Added experimental API to support Sprite animation.

  • 2D:[Experimental] Added the ability for you to add functionality for Sprite editing in the Sprite Editor Window.

API Changes

  • 2D:Added DetectChunkCullingBounds to TilemapRenderer to allow for correct culling of large tiles. (971087)

  • 2D:Experimental API TextureGenerator.GenerateTexture now takes in a NativeArrray for image buffer instead of setting an IntPtr in TextureGenerationSettings.


  • 2D:Fixed case of snapping being enabled in the Sprite Editor Window's Outline Editor, even if set otherwise. (951918)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where changing Sprite in SpriteRenderer would cause Unity to recreate Collider2D when Collider2Ds auto-tiling was disabled. (971931)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where Unity would not set the Sprite 2D Physics Shape until the 'Edit Physics Shape' tab was opened for the first time after texture import. (985912)

  • 2D:Grid component now renders when the values in CellSize/CellGap are changed. (976408, 998558)

  • 2D:New SpriteRect in SpriteEditorWindow no longer contains data from last inserted SpriteRect. (1001198, 1010061)

  • 2D:SpriteRenderer no longer has a memory leak when in tiled draw mode. (1006814, 1010060)



  • (1014048) - 2D: Fixed Undo operations on the Tile palette where Undo changes are not displayed.

  • (1032009) - 2D: Fixed Tiles not showing up visually on the Tile palette.

  • (1018424) - 2D: Fixed "Invalid AABB" Exception occuring when adding SpriteShape controller to Scene with empty sprites list.



  • (1016639) - 2D: Fixed undo not removing GameObject created from dropping Sprite into Hierarchy Window.

  • (1021969(1015836)) - 2D: Fixed Sprite Pivot setting appearing when Sprite Mode is set to Multiple but not appearing when it's set to Single.

  • (1029439) - 2D: Fixed tiles with invalid textures being rendered with the Tile Color only, instead of displaying the last used Sprite texture.

  • (1028457) - 2D: TilemapRenderer is now able to render when a SRP is set.

  • (1024422) - 2D: Fixed tilemap painting being disabled if the tile map is parallel to the current Scene view camera, and within a margin of 5 degrees.



  • (1002004) - 2D: Fixed specific set of sprites being packed non-optimaly in sprite packer.

  • (1019559) - 2D: Fixed sprite indexing is rearranged in Atlas when switching platforms while having platform-dependent settings.



  • 2D:Add option to SpriteRenderer to allow sorting of SpriteRenderer by its center or by its pivot point

  • 2D:Added support for hexagonal layout for Grid component.

Backwards Compatibility Breaking Changes

  • 2D:ISpriteEditor has a new interface method GetMainVisualContainer to allow adding UIElements for GUI controls


  • 2D:Added an option in Sprite Editor to display pivot position in pixels and snap pivot to pixels when you drag it.

API Changes

  • 2D:A new experimental API, UnityEngine.Experimental.U2D.PixelPerfectRendering.pixelSnapSpacing, was added to facilitate pixel perfect rendering of 2D sprites.

  • 2D:Added CRUD API for Sprite Atlas, all in UnityEditor.U2D.

  • 2D:Experimental API TextureGenerator.GenerateTexture now takes in a NativeArrray for image buffer instead of setting a IntPtr in TextureGenerationSettings

  • 2D:Setting UnityEngine.Experimental.U2D.PixelPerfectRendering.pixelSnapSpacing to a positive value no longer causes the movement of the sprites to be snapped.

  • 2D:Sprite.Create has been overloaded to take in an extra argument "generateFallbackPhysicsShape" which will generate a physics shape for the sprite if set


  • 2D: Do not expose Power of Two scaling option in TextureImporter inspector for Sprite. (932664)

  • 2D: Editor crashes on BlockMask::FillSpriteData when packing certain Sprite Atlas on Android platform (1017666)

  • 2D: Fix exception IndexOutOfRangeException when using Sprite Editor Window's alpha trimming after switching to different texture (1010125)

  • 2D: Fix GameObject disappaering in SceneView when zooming in after switching from 3D view to 2D view when SceneView camera is in front of the GameObject (1005508)

  • 2D: Fix Sprite border is not duplicated when duplicating SpriteRect in Sprite Editor Window (980383)

  • 2D: Fix Tile Palette window breaks when cell sizing is manual and cell size on any axis is negative by clamping Grid CellSize to positive values (1005620)

  • 2D: Fix tiles not rendered in tile palette window (1010103)

  • 2D: Fixed MissingReferenceException error in console when creating a new Tile Palette (1020204)

  • 2D: Fixed MissingReferenceException error in console when Unity is launched with a Tile Palette Window docked in the Editor layout (1020228)

  • 2D: Reduce rounding epsilon for Grid to reduce WorldToCell errors (981641)

  • 2D: Single sprite renderer using a Sprite with custom geometry won't render. (1006454)

  • 2D: SpriteShape is changing its boundary box when SpriteShape has fill texture (1019411)

  • 2D: Unity now displays an error message on the Tile Palette Window if a Tile Palette with an invalid Grid is active (1017965)

  • 2D: Unity now prevents the creation of a new Tile Palette if it has an invalid file name. (939651)

  • 2D: Update docs to reflect the expected value for Pivot argument in Sprite.Create (983805)

  • 2D: [Sprite packer] Specific set of sprites are packed non-optimally (1002004)

  • 2D: [Sprite Shape] Crash on changing bevel cutoff property in Edit Spline toggle View on Crashes HQ (1009772)



  • (1027063) - 2D: Fixed tab button not switching to other input fields in the sprite editor window.



  • (1040282) - 2D - Fixed issue where the SpriteAtlas Inspector did not correctly update after calling SpriteAtlasExtensions.SetPlatformSetting.

  • (1037553) - 2D - Fixed issue where changes to the "Max Texture Size" and "Compression" settings in the Sprite Atlas weren't saved properly.

  • (1040280) - 2D - Fixed issue where SpriteAtlas packed Sprites did not render after SetPlatformSettings and PackAtlases.

  • (1046157) - 2D - Fixed issue where Sprite Renderer was rendering from the wrong Sprite Atlas with a duplicate name because of a late binding issue.



  • (1070250 (1064071)) - 2D: Fixed an issue where building sprite atlas via batchmode with -no-graphics on the command line would result in point sampled sprites.


  • (1074081) - 2D: Fixed rendering of Grid Component in Hexagonal Cell Layout for certain AMD Radeon cards.

  • (1066715) - 2D: Fixed crash on MonoStringNew when entering Play Mode after reopening the project and loading resources.



  • 2D:Added an option in Sprite Editor to display a Sprite's pivot position in pixels, and to allow the pivot to snap pixels as it is dragged.

  • 2D:Added Isometric Tilemap support for 2D Tilemap.

  • 2D:Added support for custom axis sorting and Sorting Groups in SRP.

  • 2D:Added the Z Position Editor to the Tile Palette Brush Inspector to allow users to adjust the Z Position of Tiles painted by the Tile Palette Paint Brush. Keyboard shortcuts '-' and '=' can be used to adjust the Z Position value as well.

API Changes

  • 2D:Added Experimental.U2D.ISpriteEditor.SetPreviewTexture to set preview textures for SpriteEditorWindow. Importers that support ITextureDataProvider can also implement Experimental.U2D.ITextureDataProvider._previewTexture to set preview textures.


  • 2D:Added a dialog box when the user selects a Tilemap which is a Prefab Instance, allowing the user to edit the Tilemap in Prefab Mode for improved performance. (966679)

  • 2D:Aligned rotation direction of flipped Tiles when painting on a Tilemap. (1067941)

  • 2D:All instantiated Tile GameObjects are now cleared when a Tilemap is reset.

  • 2D:Changes in the Tile Palette are now saved when creating or importing an Asset. (1077382, 1084076)

  • 2D:Fix crash when using Tilemap.SwapTile with a Null Tile. (1084072)

  • 2D:Fix Sprite Editor border "T" and "B" fields assign their values to the wrong borders. (1086672, 1089720)

  • 2D:Fix tiled animated Sprites glitch when iterating over frames. (1076834, 1089719)

  • 2D:Fixed crash on 'crnlib::crn_comp::append_chunks' when packing a Sprite Atlas. (1058281)

  • 2D:Fixed Editor crash when packing very large Sprites into a Sprite Atlas with the graphics API set to D3D11 or D3D12. (1030584)

  • 2D:Fixed issue caused by late binding where the Sprite Renderer would render from the wrong Sprite Atlas with a duplicate name. (1046157)

  • 2D:Fixed issue causing Tile Startup being called more than once during placement. (1046004)

  • 2D:Fixed issue of repeated GetTransformInfoExpectUpToDate error messages when placing Tiles on Tilemap while using SRP. (1044224)

  • 2D:Fixed issue of the Editor freezing changes were applied to prefabs ontaining child GameObjects with TilemapRenderer components. (1048857)

  • 2D:Fixed issue of Tiles being flipped immediately by the 'Flip Y' shortcut when the Default Grid Brush is active. (1067964)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where changes to the Sprite Atlas "Max Texture Size" and "Compression" settings were not being saved correctly. (1037553)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where it was not possible to select or manipulate Sprites in Sprite Editor Window. (1044314)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where it was not possible to tab between controls in Sprite Editor Window when in Sprite Frame Inspector. (1027063)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where SpriteAtlas packed sprites were not rendered after calling SetPlatformSettings and `PackAtlases. (1040280)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where Unity would crash during Sprite Atlas Packing. (1029266)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where Unity would crash on MonoStringNew when entering Play Mode after a project was reopened with resources loaded. (1066715)

  • 2D:Fixed issue with painting the Tilemap in the Scene view when rapidly switching between Editor windows. (1077694, 1084075)

  • 2D:Fixed the culling of large Tiles by the TilemapRenderer at certain camera views. (1044578)

  • 2D:Fixed the Sprite Atlas inspector to update immediately after calling SpriteAtlasExtensions.SetPlatformSetting. (1040282)

  • 2D:Image components instantiated from a Prefab now correctly display valid Sprite data when triggering a Sprite Atlas request. (1038179)

  • 2D:The "Invalid texture used for cursor" warning message is now displayed in the console when switching between the Tile Palette edit modes. (1051717)

  • 2D:The Scene view Camera no longer focuses on the (0, 0, 0) position when a Tile Palette is selected while no Tile Palette Brush tool is active. (1069022)

  • 2D:The Sprite index in a Sprite Atlas is no longer rearranged when switching to different Platform settings. (1019559)

  • 2D:The Tilemap editing preview now clears when the user switches to another tab from Scene view. (1043365)

  • 2D:The Tilemap painting preview now updates properly when panning the Scene view with the keyboard. (1077400, 1084073)

  • 2D:Tile Palettes no longer spawn Prefabs from Tiles when entering Play Mode. (1057958)



  • 2D:Fixed overlapping Tiles on the Tilemap Renderer when rendering a Hexagonal Tilemap or Grid. (1066481, 1102013)

  • 2D:RectInt.Contains will support RectInt.size with negative size. (1079566, 1102012)

  • 2D:Selecting a Tilemap as the Focus On target will now center and fit the Scene View to the selected Tilemap. (1102011)

  • 2D:The Grid Brush preview is now highlighted in blue when previewing a Tile with a non-zero Z-Position. (1092473)

  • 2D:The Grid Brush preview will now be highlighted in the correct Scene View when multiple Scene Views are open. (1102014)



  • 2D:Disabled Tilemap Focus filter when closing Tile Palette window if enabled. (1098821, 1116141)

  • 2D:Fixed crash on Tilemap::CompressBounds when calling Tilemap.CompressBounds() on corrupted tilemap. (1090111, 1116143)

  • 2D:Fixed crash on Tilemap::CopyTileDataToTile<0> when importing corrupted Tilemap prefab. (1116144)

  • 2D:Fixed crash on TilemapRenderer when rendering with a Material that is destroyed. (1116145)

  • 2D:Fixed current Active Tilemap selection unable to be deselected when a new GameObject is instantiated on the scene. (1116150)

  • 2D:Fixed for missing Tiles being created when dragging a spritesheet with empty initial columns or rows into Tile Palette. (1103034, 1116146)

  • 2D:Fixed Tilemap.SwapTiles when swapping Tiles to other Tiles that already exist on the Tilemap. (1108368, 1116147)



  • 2D:Fixed crash on when passing array of nulls to SpriteAtlas.Add. (1089125, 1120906)



  • 2D:Fixed "Invalid SortingGroup index set in Renderer" warning from occurring after removing Sorting Group component on an object with nested Sorting Groups. (1106381)

  • 2D:Fixed Sprites randomly flipping when moving/zooming camera (1117333)



  • 2D:Fixed case of Editor crashing on WorldContactFilter2D::ShouldCollide when trying to destroy Tilemap. (1126791)

  • 2D:Fixed case of Tile Animation showing a wrong Sprite when Tilemap is deactivated and reactivated. (1126772)

  • 2D:Fixed issue where Tilemap Collider Physics Shape/s were not updating when a single Tile was removed. (1126789)

  • 2D:Fixed to clean up Preview Tiles when painting on a Tilemap when an asset is saved. (1126776)

  • 2D:Fixed NullReferenceException when painting with a Tile Palette without a valid Tilemap component. (1120310, 1126781)

  • 2D:We now use Grid Cell Layout instead of Tile Orientation for doing Grid Cell picking when painting on a Tilemap. (1126779)