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内藤 謙一
I love JavaScript, Html, PHP, Python, Java, Ruby, Perl, C, C++, Objective-C and Haskell. My stack overflow address is

Tokyo, Japan


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$ analyze @KNaito
posted articles
  • JavaScript:31%
  • Cordova:28%
  • monaca:22%
  • 関数型プログラミング:22%
  • Haskell:19%
LGTMed articles
  • JavaScript:18%
  • Haskell:8%
  • TypeScript:7%
  • Python:7%
  • iOS:5%
answered questions
  • Haskell:100%
  • OCaml:100%
  • F#:100%
  • lisp:100%
  • 関数型言語:100%