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More than 3 years have passed since last update.

Perl 6 Advent Calendar 2015の4日目です。



$ panda
Panda -- Perl 6 Module Installer

    panda <action> [options]

Common options:
    --prefix=/path/to/modules    Place to put modules, executable scripts, etc.

    install        Installs the modules listed on the command line, and their
        --notests    Don't run tests for the modules being installed.
        --nodeps     Skip installing modules' dependencies.

    installdeps    Installs the dependencies of the listed modules, but not the
                   modules themselves.
        --notests    Don't run tests for the dependencies being installed.

    list           Lists all the modules available.
        --verbose      Provide verbose output
        --installed    List only installed modules

    update         Updates the local copy of the module database.

    info           Lists information available on given modules.

    search         Searches the database for module names/descriptions matching
                   the given substring.

    gen-meta       Generates a with supplied options (see below).
        --notests          Specifies that the module whose is being
                           generated doesn't have tests(?)
        --name=A::Name     Specify the module's name
        --auth=JRandom     Specify the author's name
        --ver=v0.1         Specify the module version
        --desc="A desc"    Specify the module description

    smoke          Tests and installs all packages. (Not for typical use.)
        --exclude=A::Name    Specifies a package to skip testing.

    look           Downloads and unpacks the listed modules, afterwards going to
                   them with your shell.

'list', 'update', and 'smoke' don't take a list of module names to
install. 'search' takes a string to search case-insensitively for in the


$ panda --installed --verbose list
Bailador                   [installed]   *       ?  git://
DBIish                     [installed]   *       ?  git://
Debugger::UI::CommandLine  [installed]   *       ?  git://
Digest::MD5                [installed]   0.05    ?  git://
File::Directory::Tree      [installed]   *       ?  git://
File::Find                 [installed]   0.1     ?  git://
File::Temp                 [installed]   0.0.2   ?  git://
Grammar::Debugger          [installed]   *       ?  git://
Grammar::Profiler::Simple  [installed]   0.01    ?  git://
HTTP::Easy                 [installed]   *       ?  git://
HTTP::Status               [installed]   *       ?  git://
JSON::Fast                 [installed]   v0.3    ?  git://
JSON::RPC                  [installed]   0.17.1  ?  git://
JSON::Tiny                 [installed]   *       ?  git://
LWP::Simple                [installed]   0.086   ?  git://
MIME::Base64               [installed]   1.2     ?  git://
PSGI                       [installed]   *       ?  git://
Pod::Coverage              -dependency-  *       ?  git://
Pod::To::HTML              [installed]   *       ?  git://
SVG                        [installed]   *       ?  git://
SVG::Plot                  [installed]   *       ?  git://
Shell::Command             [installed]   *       ?  git://
Template::Mojo             [installed]   v0.1    ?  git://
Template::Mustache         [installed]   *       ?  git://
Terminal::ANSIColor        [installed]   *       ?  git://
Test::Mock                 [installed]   *       ?  git://
URI                        [installed]   v0.1.1  ?  git://
XML::Writer                [installed]   *       ?  git://
p6doc                      [installed]   *       ?  git://
panda                      [installed]   *       ?  git://
ufo                        [installed]   *       ?  git://


Perl 6 Modulesからモジュールを探します

# 検索
$ panda search Green
Green                    0.1.0      Parallel testing utility, it's really

# 大文字小文字区別されないから便利
$ panda search abc
ABC                      *          Toolkit for dealing with ABC music


# インストール
$ panda install Green
==> Fetching Green
==> Building Green
==> Testing Green
t/00-use.t ........... ok
t/01-time.t .......... ok
t/02-concise.t ....... ok
t/03-more_concise.t .. ok
All tests successful.
Files=4, Tests=6, 11 wallclock secs ( 0.02 usr  0.00 sys +  8.55 cusr  0.29 csys =  8.86 CPU)
Result: PASS
==> Installing Green
Copying blib/lib/Green.pm6 to /usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2015.11/share/perl6/site/lib/Green.pm6
Copying bin/green to /usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2015.11/share/perl6/site/bin/green
==> Successfully installed Green


  • Inline::Perl5モジュールが依存しているモジュールだけインストールします1
$ panda --notests installdeps Inline::Perl5
==> Inline::Perl5 depends on LibraryMake
==> Fetching LibraryMake
==> Building LibraryMake
==> Installing LibraryMake
Copying blib/lib/LibraryMake.pm6 to /usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2015.11/share/perl6/site/lib/LibraryMake.pm6
==> Successfully installed LibraryMake


# LibraryMakeはちょっとエラーになってるみたいです
$ perl6 -c /usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2015.11/share/perl6/site/lib/LibraryMake.pm6
Function 'CompUnit::Repository::FileSystem' needs parens to avoid gobbling block
at /usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2015.11/share/perl6/site/lib/LibraryMake.pm6:213
------>         }⏏<EOL>
Missing block (apparently claimed by 'CompUnit::Repository::FileSystem')
at /usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2015.11/share/perl6/site/lib/LibraryMake.pm6:214
------>         }⏏<EOL>
# 一旦アンインストールしておきます(手作業)
$ rm /usr/local/Cellar/rakudo-star/2015.11/share/perl6/site/lib/LibraryMake.pm6



panda コマンドを実行すると、DEPRECATED となった旨のメッセージが出るようになりました。

$ panda install OpenCV
==> Fetching OpenCV
==> Building OpenCV
==> Testing OpenCV
t/01-load.t ......... ok
t/02-highgui.t ...... ok
t/99-author-meta.t .. ok
All tests successful.
Files=3, Tests=5,  9 wallclock secs
Result: PASS
==> Installing OpenCV
==> Successfully installed OpenCV

'panda' is shortly to be removed from Rakudo Star and replaced by 'zef'.
'zef' is available in this release and recommended over 'panda'

zef の使い方はこちら


  1. [2015.12.03現在]LibraryMakeはちょっとエラーになってるみたいなので--notestsオプションつけてます。 

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