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Think of emoji as a type of font - if your contact doesn't have a font installed, a default backup font will display in its place. The same is true of emoji - if the browser, email client, or mobile device doesn't support the emoji, it won't display and usually replaces it with a generic square ⬜ or question mark ❓. If the contact opens their email on a different device or in a different browser, they may be able to see the emoji even though they couldn't before.



セブンオブナインです。Unimatrix 01の第三付属物 9の7という識別番号です。Star trek Voyagerの好きなキャラクターです。まとめ記事は後日タイトルから内容がわからなくなるため、title検索で見つかるよう個々の記事にしてます。いわゆるBorg集合体の有名なセリフから「お前たち(の知識)を吸収する。抵抗は無意味だ」。Thanks in advance.
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