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unexpected status "ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS" while waiting for CloudFormation stack ... が起きたら

More than 1 year has passed since last update.



eksctl : 0.10.1


eksctl を 0.10.2 以降に上げる


[centos]$ eksctl create cluster --name=k8s --region=ap-northeast-1 --nodes=3 --nodes-min=1 --nodes-max=3 --version=1.12 --node-type=t2.medium --vpc-private-subnets=subnet-1,subnet-2,subnet-3 --vpc-public-subnets=subnet-4,subnet-5,subnet-6
Mon Nov 25 01:42:32 UTC 2019

[?]  eksctl version 0.10.1
[?]  using region ap-northeast-1
[?]  using existing VPC (vpc-xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx) and subnets (private:[subnet-3 subnet-2 subnet-1] public:[subnet-4 subnet-5 subnet-6])
[!]  custom VPC/subnets will be used; if resulting cluster doesn't function as expected, make sure to review the configuration of VPC/subnets
[?]  nodegroup "ng-xxxxxxxx" will use "ami-0cb3fc9f948330b7d" [AmazonLinux2/1.12]
[?]  using Kubernetes version 1.12
[?]  creating EKS cluster "k8s" in "ap-northeast-1" region
[?]  will create 2 separate CloudFormation stacks for cluster itself and the initial nodegroup
[?]  if you encounter any issues, check CloudFormation console or try 'eksctl utils describe-stacks --region=ap-northeast-1 --cluster=k8s'
[?]  CloudWatch logging will not be enabled for cluster "k8s" in "ap-northeast-1"
[?]  you can enable it with 'eksctl utils update-cluster-logging --region=ap-northeast-1 --cluster=k8s'
[?]  Kubernetes API endpoint access will use default of {publicAccess=true, privateAccess=false} for cluster "k8s" in "ap-northeast-1"
[?]  2 sequential tasks: { create cluster control plane "k8s", create nodegroup "ng-2d1b6c23" }
[?]  building cluster stack "eksctl-k8s-cluster"
[?]  deploying stack "eksctl-k8s-cluster"
[?]  unexpected status "ROLLBACK_IN_PROGRESS" while waiting for CloudFormation stack "eksctl-k8s-cluster"
[?]  fetching stack events in attempt to troubleshoot the root cause of the failure
[?]  1 error(s) occurred and cluster hasn't been created properly, you may wish to check CloudFormation console
[?]  to cleanup resources, run 'eksctl delete cluster --region=ap-northeast-1 --name=k8s'
[?]  waiting for CloudFormation stack "eksctl-k8s-cluster": ResourceNotReady: failed waiting for successful resource state
[?]  failed to create cluster "k8s"


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