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Cost to develop e-commerce app like Amazon

About 65% of e-commerce orders placed are through the app. This fact shows the importance of the app while analyzing consumer behavior, So it is no surprise I have been asked many times as to what would be the cost to develop an e-commerce app like Amazon or Flipkart.

Deriving the cost of development for an e-commerce app is not a simple process and depends on many factors such as

· Features list to be implemented

· Features complexity

· UI/UX Design

· Backed Technology Requirement

· Location of Developer

The UI/UX design for any app development is a subjective thing and would vary based on the quality of work one can offer so it is difficult to derive the cost of UI/UX development.
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Features in an e-commerce App like Amazon

Basic Features

· Quick Signup & login

· Product Search and filters based on various categories

· Access to product reviews

· Add to wish list for comparison

· Add to cart and easy checkout process

· Multiple payment options

· Order delivery update

Advanced Features

· Recommend similar products based on a search query

· Show the recommended symbol for popular products such as “Amazons Choice”

· Online chat for query solving

· Push Notification

· Guest Checkout

· Quality product photos from all the angles

· Buying guide to help make the right decision

· Easy and quick access to cart and wish list on all the pages

· Quick and easy return and refund policy

Backend Technology in an e-commerce app

Location for developing e-commerce app like Amazon

Based on the country’s economic condition the cost to develop an e-commerce app like Amazon would vary. In my opinion, the best country to develop an e-commerce app like Amazon is India as you can get a great talent pool in the country, and also the development cost is quite low 15 - 50 USD per hour.

The cost to develop an e-commerce app like Amazon is 10K - 70K USD depending on various factors you decide before developing.

To know further you can also check out the article - https://www.webcluesinfotech.com/how-to-build-an-ecommerce-website-like-amazon-ebay/

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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?