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10 Marketing Trends to act on in 2022

Last updated at Posted at 2022-03-06

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After the pandemic, the market has changed drastically and has impacted consumer habits.

The traditional way of approaching potential customers is no longer effective and inefficient. The excessive and consistent use of the internet boosts digital marketing. Companies use social media, the internet, and other digital modes to reach their target audience. It might be challenging for each business to stay ahead of its competitors. Also, getting along with the changing marketing trends is not a cup of tea for everyone. Due to tremendous changes in marketing, it is very unpredictable how marketing trends will shape in 2022.

Online businesses spend a fortune to be noticed and make sales. You have already lost half the battle if your brand is getting ignored and not reaching the right people. If you are already struggling while choosing the right marketing strategy or trend, there is terrible news for many online businesses. Google has just ended the support for third-party cookies in Chrome browser, which will impact many businesses and market share.

It creates a complex situation for digital marketing, and the direct-to-consumer market will lead, the content will become more critical, and knowing customers will be the topmost priority. In this high competition market, retaining existing customers is more important than looking for new contacts. For this, every company, from small-scale to ample shots of the market, has to work on their marketing trends to perform better than others.

Thus, we listed some marketing trends that you can opt for within your business to increase your reach and expand your network.

1. Challenging user tracking

Google’s saying goodbye to third-party cookies will change the face of marketing. It will make it challenging for the business to track the customers. Businesses use cookies to track the prospects, which will fade away. Thus businesses have to make necessary changes in their marketing strategies.

But, businesses are smart enough to leverage the zero-party and first-party data to track potential prospects. What are the zero-party and first-party data or cookies, and how can they be helpful for the business.

Zero-party cookies are the data when the business gets the information about the prospects directly from them. The customer will provide their details through surveys, using the newsletter from your website, downloading articles from your website, and others. It will help the business connect with the prospects directly and enlighten them about your campaigns.

The first-party cookies are the data you capture about the prospect visiting your website. You can get the necessary information such as what they are looking for, how much time they have spent on your website, what they have gone through on your website, and others. These data are helpful to understand the prospect’s behavior. The good thing about using first-party cookies is that they will be reliable in the future, as said by Google.

After the death of the cookies (third-party), the above two are the next important data to gather essential insights about the customers. Thus, businesses need to make such changes in the code to use zero-party and first-party data.

2. The upcoming era of automation.

Automation has changed the outlook of every business, resulting in faster productivity and improved performance. But, the myth is that automating tasks has taken many human jobs, but it is not true as every software needs a human to manage and maintain.

But, if you are a marketer, then the concept of automation will tempt you, as it will ease most of your manual work. Everyone knows that automation saves time and effort by reducing repetitive manual tasks. But, have you ever thought of automating emails, calls, AI content writing, social media scheduling, etc. Today, marketers use several tools and techniques to ease their work, and using automation within those tools will help them make efficient decisions for the business.

Apart from this, you can automate various customers’ activities within your website, track their paths, and use their trends for marketing your business at the right time. You can adopt any automation tools to ease your work to smooth your businesses’ workflow.

3. Focus on personalization.

The advanced technology has provided various channels and platforms for the customers to consume content over the internet. Due to this, customers got irrelevant marketing content and got frustrated. This led to the new and dedicated marketing delivery method, personalized marketing. Instead of sending messages to a broad list of customers, it is better to analyze the data and determine which customer is interested and influence them with the [ersoanlized marketing tactics.

Personalized marketing keeps each individual in mind and provides a better experience for customers with omnichannel. Today, customers have high expectations from companies to offer suitable suggestions by catering to all their needs. Companies working and putting efforts to implement personalized marketing into their strategies are reaping a benefit from it. With time, personalized marketing is no more an extra feature but has become a must-have feature for all businesses to excel in promoting their brands and making quick sales.

Do not wait for the right time if you consider including personalized marketing. Start today, start now.

4. Use a compelling story

It is essential that you interact with the customers through your brand, either offline or online. If the advertising branding does not match the customer’s needs and interests, the brand will not get the attention of the potential customers. To overcome this challenge, companies should come up with compelling and creative content for endorsing their brand. Only a compelling and engaging story can attract the potential customers.

The best storytellers focus on creating fluid messaging to meet specific customers' needs wherever they interact with a brand, whether it’s in-store, social media. A good story creates awareness, provides relevant data about a brand, etc. A good story always provides a direct way to learn more about its products and services, thus increasing brand trust. Before deciding the content of your story, make sure to understand what type of audience you want to cater to, what brand’s value you want to highlight, etc.

If your business is lagging due to the inefficiency of the content in the marketing campaigns, you can hire storytellers who can create the best content to engage customers.

5. Ensure mobile-friendly websites

It is known how the internet has changed the way to access information. With the introduction of the smartphone, the way to access that information has become more efficient as people can access data on the way. Most people are browsing and surfing on their phones rather than desktops, which gives rise to the necessity to become your websites mobile-friendly. If your website is not supported by mobile phones, you have already lost most of your business.

So, to stay in the race within this competitive market, you need to ensure that customers can access your website and get the necessary information on their phones. With mobile-friendly websites, you can ensure a better customer experience, create trust within customers, improve accessibility, cost-effective way to ensure SEO, etc.

It is worth investing in redesigning your website to avail it to your mobile customers. You will see a rise in sales. Also, to ensure proper functional working, you should conduct A/B testing via experimentation platforms to improve the performance of your website.

6. Fast loading page speed

One of the crucial factors that increase the bounce rate for any website means less business. Ignoring loading page speed can be a tremendous blunder for your business, making your customers frustrated. Despite putting a lot of effort into designing and creating an engaging website, a slow-loading webpage can turn your expectations into nightwear, and all your investment will put a hole into your pocket.

Slow loading speed impacts your target audience, and your ranking as Google considers loading speed while ranking your website. The old saying, “first impression is the last impression”. The same goes for the websites also. If the customer visits your website for the first time and faces slow loading speed, they will move to your competitors and never come back to you.

Due to the accessibility to various options, customers have become impatient and won’t spend much time getting the expected results from your competitor. So, make sure that you always check your website’s speed during different hours of the day to analyze the website’s performance. You can use various tools to check the speed, such as Google Page Speed Insight, Pingdom Website speed test, etc. if you see the terrible performance, you can optimize your website for a better user experience.

7. Knowing and owning your audience

While deciding the marketing strategy for your business, make sure you have a detailed understanding of your target audience. This will help you to create a better strategy and user experience. Reaching out to the entire market will reach no one, but creating a strategy based on a specific group of people will help you achieve success.

Once you understand what type of customers you have, how they behave around your website, and how they react to the changes, you can create effective branding to cater to specific customer needs. It is good to connect with your customers personally and tell them about your product. Each customer has different needs. Thus, knowing their needs are priorities, you can only own your audience. You can leverage a wide range of the analytics tools, such as Google Analytics, to gather this helpful insight into the customer’s behavior and requirements.

If you understand what your customer wants and successfully eliminate their pain points by providing what they expect, they are not going anywhere.

8. Focus on creating a strong brand image

There is no doubt that a company with a good market image tends to generate more sales than less-known companies. Thus, creating a solid image is an essential part of market strategy. Only then can you influence as many customers as you can. Creating an influential image requires choosing the right words, sticking to their values and principles, connecting to their customers to create trust and others.

A brand name can quickly drive the customer’s behavior, educate customers on the correct values, and ensure customer loyalty. A great example of branding and reputation is Apple. If a person uses Apple products, they will never go to Android, as Apple sticks to its promise of delivering an improved user experience.

Creating a strong brand image does not consist of a single task. Overall performance from the design of the website, branding, marketing, collaboration with customers, and others contributes equally in creating an image in the market.

9. Inbound marketing strategy

Rather than using outbound marketing for your business where you push unnecessary messages to your customers, you can use inbound marketing to attract potential customers and generate leads. Most businesses use high-quality, impressive content as an inbound marketing strategy. It is essential to use high-end content, a fantastic user experience, and other factors to engage your customers. Rather than using outbound marketing for your business where you push unnecessary messages to your customers, you can use inbound marketing to attract potential customers and generate leads.

You might not see the effect of inbound marketing in the short term, but it is beneficial for the long term. It helps reduce costing and generate more ROI. It builds trust, improves the quality of traffic and others.

10. Include video

To stand out among others and beat your competition, having engaging content is not enough. Today, including videos as a part of the content is getting more popular than any other form. It is considered to be the new trend in the marketing strategy.

Video has become an effective way of communication, such as adding demo videos in the chatbots that will help the customer go through the website. Adding videos to the marketing campaigns will improve customer engagement, leads to an increase in traffic. If you have not included this strategy, you need to work on that to keep your customers engaged and provide a fantastic user experience.


Happy customers is the key to every businesses’s success. Companies invest their time, effort, and money in creating an all-rounder experience for their customers. What if all the efforts go in vain? It sounds disheartening. Several marketing trends can be considered while entering into 2022. The going year teaches us various possibilities of keeping our customers engaged with the latest techniques.

We should embrace the change for good, opening new opportunities. So, improve your website, including interactive and engaging points to eliminate the barriers and achieve your business goals with smart working. Thus, we have summed up some of the marketing trends adopted in 2022 for better results, ROI, and customer relations.

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