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APIKit を使った通信処理で URLSessionTaskDelegate を扱いたい場合には URLSessionAdapter を自前で用意すれば良い。

  • URLSessionAdapter のサブクラスを用意する
  • URLSessionDelegate, URLSessionTaskDelegate, URLSessionDataDelegate を実装する(任意)
  • Session のインスタンスを初期化する際にアダプタを指定する
class MySessionAdapter: URLSessionAdapter {

    override func createTask(with URLRequest: URLRequest, handler: @escaping (Data?, URLResponse?, Error?) -> Swift.Void) -> SessionTask {
        let task = super.createTask(with: URLRequest, handler: handler)
        return task

    override func urlSession(_ session: URLSession, dataTask: URLSessionDataTask, didReceive data: Data) {
        super.urlSession(session, dataTask: dataTask, didReceive: data)

    override func urlSession(_ session: URLSession, task: URLSessionTask, didCompleteWithError error: Error?) {
        super.urlSession(session, task: task, didCompleteWithError: error)

let sessionAdapter = MySessionAdapter.init(configuration: URLSessionConfiguration.default)
let session = Session(adapter: sessionAdapter)
let sessionTask = session.send(request) {}
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