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from werkzeug.datastructures import TypeConversionDict



 |  ----------------------------------------------------------------------
 |  Methods inherited from TypeConversionDict:
 |  get(self, key, default=None, type=None)
 |      Return the default value if the requested data doesn't exist.
 |      If `type` is provided and is a callable it should convert the value,
 |      return it or raise a :exc:`ValueError` if that is not possible.  In
 |      this case the function will return the default as if the value was not
 |      found:
 |      >>> d = TypeConversionDict(foo='42', bar='blub')
 |      >>> d.get('foo', type=int)
 |      42
 |      >>> d.get('bar', -1, type=int)
 |      -1
 |      :param key: The key to be looked up.
 |      :param default: The default value to be returned if the key can't
 |                      be looked up.  If not further specified `None` is
 |                      returned.
 |      :param type: A callable that is used to cast the value in the
 |                   :class:`MultiDict`.  If a :exc:`ValueError` is raised
 |                   by this callable the default value is returned.
 |  ----------------------------------------------------------------------


簡単な例を挙げると、参照系のAPIでoffset, limitパラメータをよく作ると思いますが型の指定を含めて下の2行で出来てしまいます。

    offset = request.args.get("offset", default=0, type=int)
    limit = request.args.get("limit", default=10, type=int)



class SortType(object):
    accepts = ["-time", "-size", "+time", "+size"]    
    default = ["-time"]

    def __init__(self, sort_parameter):
        super(SortType, self).__init__()    
        if sort_parameter in self.accepts:
           self.sort = sort_parameter
           self.sort = self.default

    def __repr__(self):
        return self.sort

    def __str__(self):
        return self.sort
sort = '%s' % request.args.get("sort", type=SortType)

いくつかのソートタイプとデフォルトのソートをもつクラスを定義して type にそれを定義して sortパラメータを受け取ってます。

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