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AWS サービス別 APIプロトコル一覧


サービス名 API protocol
acm json
apigateway rest-json
application-autoscaling json
appstream json
athena json
autoscaling query
batch rest-json
budgets json
clouddirectory rest-json
cloudformation query
cloudfront rest-xml
cloudhsm json
cloudsearch query
cloudsearchdomain rest-json
cloudtrail json
cloudwatch query
codebuild json
codecommit json
codedeploy json
codepipeline json
codestar json
cognito-identity json
cognito-idp json
cognito-sync rest-json
config json
cur json
datapipeline json
dax json
devicefarm json
directconnect json
discovery json
dms json
ds json
dynamodb json
dynamodbstreams json
ec2 ec2
ecr json
ecs json
efs rest-json
elasticache query
elasticbeanstalk query
elastictranscoder rest-json
elb query
elbv2 query
emr json
es rest-json
events json
firehose json
gamelift json
glacier rest-json
greengrass rest-json
health json
iam query
importexport query
inspector json
iot rest-json
iot-data rest-json
kinesis json
kinesisanalytics json
kms json
lambda rest-json
lex-models rest-json
lex-runtime rest-json
lightsail json
logs json
machinelearning json
marketplace-entitlement json
marketplacecommerceanalytics json
meteringmarketplace json
mturk json
opsworks json
opsworkscm json
organizations json
pinpoint rest-json
polly rest-json
rds query
redshift query
rekognition json
resourcegroupstaggingapi json
route53 rest-xml
route53domains json
s3 rest-xml
sdb query
servicecatalog json
ses query
shield json
sms json
snowball json
sns query
sqs query
ssm json
stepfunctions json
storagegateway json
sts query
support json
swf json
waf json
waf-regional json
workdocs rest-json
workspaces json
xray rest-json
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Help us understand the problem. What are the problem?