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$ gcloud version                                                                                                                     

Google Cloud SDK 219.0.1
bq 2.0.34
core 2018.09.28
gsutil 4.34
kubectl 2018.09.17


$ gcloud init


Welcome! This command will take you through the configuration of gcloud.

Settings from your current configuration [default] are:
region: asia-northeast1
zone: asia-northeast1-b
account: [your account]
disable_usage_reporting: 'True'
project: [your project]

Pick configuration to use:
[1] Re-initialize this configuration [default] with new settings
[2] Create a new configuration
Please enter your numeric choice: [your choice]

Enter configuration name. Names start with a lower case letter and
contain only lower case letters a-z, digits 0-9, and hyphens '-': [newly configured name]
Your current configuration has been set to: [newly configured name]

You can skip diagnostics next time by using the following flag:
gcloud init --skip-diagnostics

Network diagnostic detects and fixes local network connection issues.
Checking network connection...done.
Reachability Check passed.
Network diagnostic (1/1 checks) passed.

Choose the account you would like to use to perform operations for
this configuration:
[1] [your account]
[2] Log in with a new account
Please enter your numeric choice: 1

You are logged in as: [your account].

Pick cloud project to use:
[1] [your existing project]
[2] Create a new project
Please enter numeric choice or text value (must exactly match list
item): [your choice]

Your current project has been set to: [your choice].

Not setting default zone/region (this feature makes it easier to use
[gcloud compute] by setting an appropriate default value for the
--zone and --region flag).
See section on how to set
default compute region and zone manually. If you would like [gcloud init] to be
able to do this for you the next time you run it, make sure the
Compute Engine API is enabled for your project on the page.

Your Google Cloud SDK is configured and ready to use!

* Commands that require authentication will use [your account] by default
* Commands will reference project `[your project ID]` by default
Run `gcloud help config` to learn how to change individual settings

This gcloud configuration is called [your choice]. You can create additional configurations if you work with multiple accounts and/or projects.
Run `gcloud topic configurations` to learn more.

Some things to try next:

* Run `gcloud --help` to see the Cloud Platform services you can interact with. And run `gcloud help COMMAND` to get help on any gcloud command.
* Run `gcloud topic -h` to learn about advanced features of the SDK like arg files and output formatting


$ gcloud config configurations list                                                                                                  

default False [your account] xxxxxxxx asia-northeast1-b asia-northeast1
[newly configured name] True [your account] [your project]


$ gcloud config list

account = [your account]
disable_usage_reporting = True
project = [your project]

Your active configuration is: [newly configured name]


$ gcloud config configurations activate [configuration name like default]

Activated [configuration name like default].