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Julia Pkg modeの操作

Julia: ver.1.0.2
- julia 0.6からjulia 1.0への移行
- 公式ドキュメント/ Standard Library / Pkg

Pkg modeとは

juliaモード(julia>となっている状態)で]を入力すると(v1.0) pkg>に変化する.






(v1.0) pkg> help
  Welcome to the Pkg REPL-mode. To return to the julia> prompt, either press
  backspace when the input line is empty or press Ctrl+C.


  pkg> cmd [opts] [args]

  Multiple commands can be given on the same line by interleaving a ; between
  the commands.


  activate: set the primary environment the package manager manipulates

  add: add packages to project

  build: run the build script for packages

  develop: clone the full package repo locally for development

  free: undoes a pin, develop, or stops tracking a repo

  gc: garbage collect packages not used for a significant time

  generate: generate files for a new project

  help: show this message

  instantiate: downloads all the dependencies for the project

  pin: pins the version of packages

  precompile: precompile all the project dependencies

  preview: previews a subsequent command without affecting the current state

  remove: remove packages from project or manifest

  resolve: resolves to update the manifest from changes in dependencies of
  developed packages

  status: summarize contents of and changes to environment

  test: run tests for packages

  update: update packages in manifest



(v1.0) pkg> add Example1 Example2 Example3


(v1.0) pkg> add https://github.com/JuliaLang/Example.jl

各Packageのversionを確認したい時: status

(v1.0) pkg> status


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