Why this?

You know.


0x00 Configure Server

Set a server to run shadowsocks as server.

Refer: https://shadowsocks.org/en/download/servers.html

0x01 Install Client

Install the shadowsocks client

pip install shadowsocks

0x02 Open Listener

Save this as a shell, and call it to open listener.


echo prepare open shadowsocks client on localhost...

sslocal -s [SERVER-IP] -p [SERVER-PORT] -l [LOCAL-PORT] -k"[PASSWORD]" -t 600 -m [METHOD(rc4-md5, etc.)] &

echo over

Delimiter: You have to use ps aux|grep sslocal to find pid to kill!

0x03 Install Privoxy

apt-get install privoxy -y

0x04 Config Privoxy

Edit /etc/privoxy/config to make sure that:

forward-socks5 /[LOCAL-PORT] .

Then start the service.

/etc/init.d/privoxy start

0x05 Usage

The terminal proxy export command:

export http_proxy=''
export https_proxy=''
export no_proxy=localhost

Add this to ~/.bashrc and so on, you can make an easy way.

0x06 Test

Run something such as curl to test!

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