Google Cloud Platform コンソールでログインしてみる。

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Google Cloud Platform (GCP) の初期設定(Console)(覚書)

Google Cloud Platform resources and developer workflow

GCP に auth login

$ gcloud auth login

account を切り替える

(To set the active account, run:)

  $ gcloud config set account ``ACCOUNT''

GCP の Project を指定する

(You can change this setting)

$ gcloud config set project PROJECT_ID

GCP の Project の設定を解除する

(unset it)

$ cloud config unset projet

GCP SDK Update

(Updates are available for some Cloud SDK components.)

$ gcloud components update

GCP SDK Revert

(To revert your SDK to the previously installed version)

$ gcloud components update --version [90.0.0]

Deploy コマンド

$ appcfg.py -A PROJECT_ID update app.yaml



$ appcfg.py -A PROJECT_ID update app.yaml --no_cookies


Usage: gcloud [optional flags] <group | command>

group may be auth | components | compute | config | container |
deployment-manager | dns | preview | source | sql |
command may be docker | feedback | help | info | init | version

The *gcloud* CLI manages authentication, local configuration, developer
workflow, and interactions with the Google Cloud Platform APIs.

optional flags:
--account ACCOUNT Google Cloud Platform user account to use for
--format FORMAT The format for printing command output resources.
--help Display detailed help.
--log-http Log all HTTP server requests and responses to stderr.
--project PROJECT_ID Google Cloud Platform project ID to use for this
--quiet, -q Disable all interactive prompts.
--trace-token TRACE_TOKEN
Token used to route traces of service requests for
investigation of issues.
--user-output-enabled Print user intended output to the console.
--verbosity VERBOSITY Override the default verbosity for this command. This
must be a standard logging verbosity level: [debug,
info, warning, error, critical, none] (Default:
-h Print a summary help and exit.
-v, --version Print version information.

command groups:
auth Manage oauth2 credentials for the Google Cloud SDK.
components List, install, update, or remove Google Cloud SDK
compute Read and manipulate Google Compute Engine resources.
config View and edit Google Cloud SDK properties.
container Deploy and manage clusters of machines for running
deployment-manager Manage deployments of cloud resources.
dns Manage your Cloud DNS managed-zones and record-sets.
preview Manage Preview CLI command groups.
source Cloud git repository commands.
sql Manage Cloud SQL databases.
topic gcloud supplementary help.

docker Provides the docker CLI access to the Google Container
feedback Provide feedback to the Google Cloud SDK team.
help Prints detailed help messages for the specified
info Display information about the current gcloud
init Initialize or reinitialize gcloud.
version Print version information for Cloud SDK components.