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VSCode Extension を開発して、実際に自分の VSCode へインストールしてみた

Last updated at Posted at 2018-12-22

Visual Studio Code Advent Calendar 2018 23日目、ついに拡張機能に手を付けてみたしょっさんです、こんにちは。
本日 12月23日は、めでたいことにかしゆかの誕生日です。時限式の拡張機能が準備できないかと、四苦八苦してみました。


当たり前のようにYour First Extensionから、ベースとなるソースコードを準備します。


$ npm install -g yo generator-code
npm WARN deprecated cross-spawn-async@2.2.5: cross-spawn no longer requires a build toolchain, use it instead
/Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/bin/yo-complete -> /Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/lib/node_modules/yo/lib/completion/index.js
/Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/bin/yo -> /Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/lib/node_modules/yo/lib/cli.js

> spawn-sync@1.0.15 postinstall /Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/lib/node_modules/yo/node_modules/spawn-sync
> node postinstall

> yo@2.0.5 postinstall /Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/lib/node_modules/yo
> yodoctor

Yeoman Doctor
Running sanity checks on your system

✔ Global configuration file is valid
✔ NODE_PATH matches the npm root
✔ Node.js version
✔ No .bowerrc file in home directory
✔ No .yo-rc.json file in home directory
✔ npm version
✔ yo version

Everything looks all right!
+ yo@2.0.5
+ generator-code@1.1.44
added 923 packages from 308 contributors in 50.674s


$ yo code

     _-----_     ╭──────────────────────────╮
    |       |    │   Welcome to the Visual  │
    |--(o)--|    │   Studio Code Extension  │
   `---------´   │        generator!        │
    ( _´U`_ )    ╰──────────────────────────╯
    /___A___\   /
     |  ~  |
 ´   `  |° ´ Y `

? What type of extension do you want to create? New Extension (TypeScript)
? What's the name of your extension? kashiyuka
? What's the identifier of your extension? kashiyuka
? What's the description of your extension?
? Enable stricter TypeScript checking in 'tsconfig.json'? Yes
? Setup linting using 'tslint'? Yes
? Initialize a git repository? Yes
? Which package manager to use? npm
   create kashiyuka/.vscode/launch.json
   create kashiyuka/.vscode/settings.json
   create kashiyuka/.vscode/tasks.json
   create kashiyuka/src/test/extension.test.ts
   create kashiyuka/src/test/index.ts
   create kashiyuka/.vscodeignore
   create kashiyuka/.gitignore
   create kashiyuka/README.md
   create kashiyuka/CHANGELOG.md
   create kashiyuka/vsc-extension-quickstart.md
   create kashiyuka/tsconfig.json
   create kashiyuka/src/extension.ts
   create kashiyuka/package.json
   create kashiyuka/tslint.json
   create kashiyuka/.vscode/extensions.json

I'm all done. Running npm install for you to install the required dependencies. If this fails, try running the command yourself.

> kashiyuka@0.0.1 postinstall /Users/sho/working/nodejs/work/kashiyuka
> node ./node_modules/vscode/bin/install

Detected VS Code engine version: ^1.30.0
Found minimal version that qualifies engine range: 1.30.0
Fetching vscode.d.ts from: https://raw.githubusercontent.com/Microsoft/vscode/c6e592b2b5770e40a98cb9c2715a8ef89aec3d74/src/vs/vscode.d.ts
vscode.d.ts successfully installed!

npm notice created a lockfile as package-lock.json. You should commit this file.
npm WARN kashiyuka@0.0.1 No repository field.
npm WARN kashiyuka@0.0.1 No license field.

added 238 packages from 496 contributors and audited 960 packages in 8.84s
found 0 vulnerabilities

Your extension kashiyuka has been created!

To start editing with Visual Studio Code, use the following commands:

     cd kashiyuka
     code .

Open vsc-extension-quickstart.md inside the new extension for further instructions
on how to modify, test and publish your extension.

For more information, also visit http://code.visualstudio.com and follow us @code.


src/extension.ts を書き換える

12/23 と同じ日付のときだけ処理をしたいので、楽をしようと momentモジュールを追加しています。 npm install moment --save が必要です。

import * as vscode from 'vscode';
import * as Moment from 'moment';

export function activate(context: vscode.ExtensionContext) {
    let disposable = vscode.commands.registerCommand('extension.kashiyuka', () => {
        const today = Moment().format("MM-DD");
        const kashi = new Date("1988/12/23");

        if (today === Moment(kashi).format("MM-DD")) {
            vscode.window.showInformationMessage('Happy birthday Kashiyuka!');


// this method is called when your extension is deactivated
export function deactivate() { }


Azure DevOps のアカウントを準備

なんか名前が変わったのか統一されたのか、結果的にはAzure DevOpsのアカウントを取得しました。
Quickstart: Create an organization

ここで作成した Organization が、そのまま publisher-name になります。Personal Access Token を取得してから、ローカルで vsceを使って、.vsixファイルを作成します。



$ npm install -g vsce
/Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/bin/vsce -> /Users/sho/.nodenv/versions/10.13.0/lib/node_modules/vsce/out/vsce
+ vsce@1.54.0
added 60 packages from 67 contributors in 6.14s



package.json には "publisher": を追記します。内容は、先程 Azure DevOps で作成した Organization です。





$ vsce create-publisher <publisher-name>
Publisher human-friendly name: (<publisher-name>) sho-san
E-mail: <e-mail address>
Personal Access Token: ****************************************************

Successfully created publisher '<publisher-name>'.

次に vsce package です。これで、ローカルに .vsix ファイルができあがります。

$ vsce package
Executing prepublish script 'npm run vscode:prepublish'...

> kashiyuka@0.0.1 vscode:prepublish /Users/sho/working/nodejs/work/kashiyuka
> npm run compile

> kashiyuka@0.0.1 compile /Users/sho/working/nodejs/work/kashiyuka
> tsc -p ./

A 'repository' field is missing from the 'package.json' manifest file.
Do you want to continue? [y/N] y
Created: /Users/sho/working/nodejs/work/kashiyuka/kashiyuka-0.0.1.vsix (372 files, 733.52KB)

kashiyuka@0.0.1 っていいっすね。

ということで、このできあがった.vsixファイルを、VSCode の拡張機能で読み込めば、自分だけの拡張機能が登録できます。



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