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時間がないAndroid開発者のためのGoogle I/O 2016セッションまとめ

More than 3 years have passed since last update.

Google I/O 2016では181本ものセッションが公開されています。Androidに関するものだけに限ったとしても65本ものセッションがあります。

Google I/O 2016の全体感については「Google I/O 2016: 開発、成長そして収益化」が参考になります。




Image compression for Android developers

PNGとJPEGとVector DrawableとWebPの使い分けについて、最後のまとめのスライド1枚を覚えて帰ってくれと言っている

Lean and Fast: Putting Your App on a Diet

画像についてはImage compressionを参照。

What the Fragment?

RecyclerView ins and outs


Android themes & styles demystified


Advanced Data Binding


Building for billions on Android

Android application architecture: Get ready for the next billion!

Experts App Clinic: Best practices when building apps for billions

Android Platform Fireside Chat



Firebase Overview

Migrate to Firebase

Grow your app with Firebase using Notifications, App Indexing, Dynamic Links

5 Neat Tricks You Can Do With The Firebase Platform

Develop with Firebase SDK

Firebase SDK for Android

Zero to App: Develop with Firebase

Cross-Platform coding without a net

Android / iOSそれぞれでFirebaseSDKを使ったライブコーディング。

Firebase Analytics

Use Firebase Analytics to Build Extraordinary Apps

Improve User Acquisition Campaigns with Firebase Analytics

Firebase Notification

Notifications: Everything you need in 45 minutes


Firebase Remote Config

Configuring the world: Rapid actioning based on analytic insights


Firebase Dynamic Links

Smarter sharing and onboarding with Firebase Dynamic Links and Firebase Invites

Firebase Test Labo

Increasing app quality with testing & monitoring


GCM is now FCM (Firebase Cloud Messaging)

Best practices for a great sign-in experience

Firebase Authenticationについて。

Firebase App Indexing: Rules of Engagement

Creating interactive multiplayer experiences with Firebase

Create a great user experience with native ads

Find 'em, Keep 'em: How ads get you the best app users


Dev tools

The experts' guide to Android development tools


Advanced Espresso



Material improvements

A window into transitions


Best practices in media playback

Streaming media with ExoPlayer


Android high-performance audio

Google Play

Smarter approaches to a stellar rating on Google Play

Firebase analytics, Firebase Crash Reporting.

Google Play: We are family

How startups are succeeding on Google Play


The Evolution of ART

Android NDK performance in an ART world


Inclusive design and testing: Making your app accessible


Printing from your app: From pixels to paper




Google I/O 2016 - Keynote

  • Google Assistant
  • Allo
  • Duo
  • Google Home
  • Android N
  • Android Studio 2.2
  • Instant Apps
  • Awareness API
  • Android Wear 2.0
  • Daydream
  • Firebase Analytics
  • TensorFlow

Android Studio 2.2

What's new in Android development tools

Android Layouts: a new world

Constraint layoutについて。

Android N

What’s new in Android

What's new in the support library


Multi-Window mode

Android battery and memory optimizations

Dozeモード、JobScheduler、Firebase JobDispatcher

What's new in Android security (M and N Version)

What’s new with Notifications in Android N and Android Wear 2.0

Google Play

What's new in Google Play for developers


Awareness API

Introducing the Awareness API, an easy way to make your apps context aware

Awareness APIについての説明。ユーザのコンテキストに応じて適切な処理を行う。early access previewに参加すれば使用可能。

Making Android sensors and location work for you



Behind the scenes: What’s new in Android accessibility


Android Wear

What’s new in Android Wear 2.0?

Building rich fitness experiences with Google Fit platform and Android Wear

Android Wear 2.0: Making Watch Apps more Standalone

Android Wear 2.0: Building Apps with Material Design

Android Wear 2.0: Watch faces and Complications

Cast & Android TV

Google Cast & Android TV: Building connected experiences for the home

Bring your Android app to Android TV in minutes

Bringing live content to Android TV

An in-depth look at the Leanback Library

Android Auto

Designing for driving

Android Auto: The Road Ahead

Android Pay

Android Pay everywhere: New developments

Beyond payments with Android Pay

Turbocharge app conversions with Android Pay


Games: The Google advantage

Make shinier, faster mobile games with Vulkan


Developing successful games with Google Play

The rules of the games: What app developers can learn from games

High Performance Games and VR with FPL Technologies

Firebase for Games


Introducing Nearby: Physical proximity within and without apps

Bring Your Android App to Chrome OS

Android アプリが Chromebook で使えるようになります

Raiders of the lost app: Google Play secrets to launching and getting discovered

Grow your app or game business in Japan, Korea, and Southeast Asia

Your Apps at work

Make money on Google Play

Google Play Awards

WhatsApp and Google Drive: The story of our integration

Introducing Google Developer Certification: Become an Associate Android Developer

Androidの認定証であるGoogle Developer Certificationについて。


A new development frontier: Android + Pepper the interactive robot.

Bridging the physical and digital. Imagine the possibilities. ATAP.

  • Project Jacquard
  • Project Soli
  • Project Ara
  • Project Spotlight
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