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OVR Lipsync 更新(2019-04-23日版)

Oculus の Avatar SDK と OVR Lipsync にアップデートが来ていたので更新。

OVR Lipsync 1.36.0(2019/04/23 リリース)


VTuber のスクショタイムなどで、「いーーーー」と言って笑顔を作ろうとしても作れず、言い始めた最初だけ口が開いて、その後すぐ閉じちゃうのはこのせいだろうな。




OVRLipSyncContextMorphTarget から LateUpdate が(多分)無くなってる? カスタマイズしやすくなった。

あと、Inspector が便利に。

VRM 対応

※ 以下より。

Avatar SDK


Avatar SDK には、口パク以外にも目線コントロールのコンポーネントも入ってる。


Setting Up Gaze Targets
As an Avatar’s gaze shifts, different gaze targets enter and leave its field of view, and its eyes automatically move between and focus on valid gaze targets. See the “Gaze Modeling” section below for more information on gaze targeting.

対応している Unity のバージョン

Recommended Unity Versions
We recommend using one of the following Unity versions for all Oculus development.
- 2017.4.21f1 (Recommended)
- 2018.3.10f1

The minimum supported version for Oculus development is Unity Editor version 2017.4.11f1.

Viseme おさらい






バージョン別 OVR Lipsync 新機能一覧


OVR Lipsync 1.16.0

New Features

  • Added support for pre-computed visemes.
  • Viseme engine improved for Rift to generate smoother and more accurate visemes.


OVR Lipsync 1.28.0

New Features

  • Added a new method for lip sync which has a slower run-time but provides significantly enhanced accuracy and is more robust against non-speaker noise
  • Added the ability to switch between the ”Original” and new “Enhanced” lip sync methods
  • Usability improvements:
    • Improved Prefabs
    • Tooltips are now available for all UI options
    • No longer consumes keyboard inputs by default

OVR Lipsync 1.30.0

New Features

  • Added new beta laughter detection feature under provider: Enhanced_with_Laughter
  • Added DSP acceleration option for supported devices
  • Added binaries for ARM64 deployment
  • Usability improvements:
    • Improved offline lipsync asset generation with progress bar
    • Improved offline lipsync asset generation with support of non-preloaded audio assets
    • Added labels to Viseme to Blend Target lists in UI

OVR Lipsync 1.36.0

  • More accurate canned lip sync predictions
  • IOS Support

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