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私家版:PGF/TikZ を利用したパッケージ一覧


多くのパッケージに利用されているあたりに,PGF/TikZ の拡張性の高さがうかがわれる。

PGFPlots, pgfplotstable

  • CTAN: Package pgfplots ver.1.17 2020-02-29, 2008-01-26 new on CTAN, by Chris­tian Feuer­sänger
    – Create normal/logarithmic plots in two and three dimensions
  • sourceforge: PGFPlots - A LaTeX package to create plots
  • PGFPlots.net: Plotting with TikZ and LaTeX
  • CTAN: Package pgfplotstable ver.1.17 2020-02-29, by Christian Feuersänger.
    - Loads, rounds, formats and postprocesses numerical tables


  • CTAN: Package tikz-3dplot ver. 2012-01-11
    – Coordinate transformation styles for 3d plotting in TikZ
  • CTAN: Package sparklines ver.1.7 2017-01-01
    – Drawing sparklines: intense, simple, wordlike graphics
  • CTAN: Package bodegraph ver.1.4, 2010-10-10 new on CTAN, by Robert Pa­pan­i­cola
    – Draw Bode, Nyquist and Black plots with gnuplot and TikZ
  • CTAN: Package diadia – Package to keep a diabetes diary
  • CTAN: Package datatool – Tools to load and manipulate data


  • CTAN: Package braids ver.2.0 2019-05-09, 2011-08-26 new on CTAN, by Andrew Stacey. Documentation braids.pdf at CTAN.
    – Draw braid diagrams with PGF/TikZ
  • CTAN: Package hobby ver.1.8 2017-06-02, 2012-09-05 new on CTAN, by An­drew Stacey
    – An implementation of Hobby’s algorithm for PGF/TikZ
  • CTAN: Package spath3 ver.1.1 2016-02-21
    – Manipulate “soft paths” in PGF
    • Package knots: TikZ library for drawing knots (and similar) diagrams
    • Package calligraphy: TikZ library to enable calligraphic style drawings
  • CTAN: Package blochsphere ver.1.1 2015-09-15, 2015-08-18 new on CTAN, by Matthew Wardrop
    – Draw pseudo-3D diagrams of Bloch spheres
  • CTAN: randomwalk ver.0.5 2015-03-05
    – Random walks using TikZ


  • Beamer package at CTAN ver.3.50 2018-02-20
    – A LaTeX class for producing presentations and slides
  • CTAN: Package xebaposter ver.2.51 2016-09-12
    – Create beautiful scientific Persian/Latin posters using TikZ.
    A fork of baposter by Brian Am­berg and Rein­hold Kain­hofer avail­able at http://www.brian-am­berg.de/uni/poster/.
  • TikZposter package at Bitbucket and at CTAN ver.2.0 2014-01-22
    – Create scientific posters using TikZ


  • CTAN: Package tikz-bbox ver.0.1, 2021-01-17 New on CTAN, maintained by marmotghost.
    – Precise determination of bounding boxes in TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tcolorbox ver.4.41 2020-09-29, 2011-12-11 new on CTAN, by Thomas F. Sturm.
    – Coloured boxes, for LaTeX examples and theorems, etc
  • CTAN: Package pgfornament ver.1.2 2020-05-26, 2016-03-09 new on CTAN, by Alain Matthes.
    – Drawing of Vectorian ornaments with PGF/TikZ
  • CTAN: Package etoc ver.1.09c 2020-05-15, 2012-11-21 new on CTAN, by Jean-François Burnol.
    – Completely customisable TOCs
    • Manual etoc.pdf(英語)and etoc-DE.pdf(独語)at CTAN.
    • 目次のレイアウトに TikZ を活用する例?
  • CTAN: Package DPcircling ver.1.0 2020-04-15, 2020-04-16 new on CTAN, by Oura Mitsuaki.
    – Decorated text boxes using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tikzmark ver.1.8 2019-10-04, 2011?-m?-d? new on CTAN, by An­drew Stacey.
    – Use TikZ's method of remembering a position on a page
  • CTAN: Package pgfornament-han ver. 2019-08-10, 2018-04-03 new on CTAN, by LianTze Lim.
    – pgfornament library for Chinese traditional motifs and patterns
  • CTAN: Package matrix-skeleton ver.1.0 2019-08-06, 2019-08-06 new on CTAN, by Nicolas Dudebout.
    – A PGF/TikZ library that simplifies working with multiple matrix nodes
    • Manual manual.pdf at CTAN.
    • TikZ の matrix コマンドを拡張するライブラリ。
  • CTAN: Package jigsaw ver.0.1a 2018-11-09, 2018-08-31 new on CTAN, by samcarter.
    – Draw jigsaw pieces with TikZ
    • jigsaw-doc.pdf at CTAN.
    • ジグソーパズルのピース,あるいはジグソーパズルそのものが作れそう。
  • CTAN: Package pgf-blur ver.1.02 2018-08-22, 2012-04-20 new on CTAN, currently by Norbert Preining.
    – PGF/TikZ package for "blurred" shadows.
  • CTAN: Package penrose ver.1.0 2018-07-10, 2018-07-13 new on CTAN, by An­drew Stacey.
    – A TikZ library for producing Penrose tilings.
  • CTAN: Package tikz-layers ver.0.9, 2018-02-17 new on CTAN, by Rui Moutinho.
    – TikZ provides graphical layers on TikZ: "behind", "above" and "glass"
  • CTAN: Package callouts ver.2017-07-27, 2017-03-18 new on CTAN, by Markus Stuetz.
    – Put simple annotations and notes inside a picture
  • CTAN: Package tikz-page ver.1.0 2016-08-30, 2016-08-30 new on CTAN, by Sébastien Gross.
    – Small macro to help building nice and complex layout materials
  • CTAN: Package celtic ver.1.1 2016-02-19, y???-m?-d? new on CTAN, by An­drew Stacey.
    – A TikZ library for drawing celtic knots
  • CTAN: Package bclogo ver.3.1 2016-01-12, 2008-09-17 new on CTAN, by Maxime Chupin.
    – Creating colourful boxes with logos.
    • bclogo-doc.pdf(仏語) at CTAN.
    • PSTricks 利用が default。TikZ 利用時は \usepackage[tikz]{bclogo}
  • CTAN: Package reflectgraphics ver.0.2c 2015-07-07, 2013-11-19 new on CTAN, by Oliver Reiche.
    – Techniques for reflecting graphics
  • CTAN: Package background ver.2.1 2014-03-04, 2009-11-08 new on CTAN, by Gonzalo Medina Arellano.
    – Placement of background material on pages of a document
  • CTAN: Package tikzpagenodes ver. 1.1 2012-09-19, 2011-09-16 new on CTAN, by Martin Scharrer.
    – A single TikZ node for the whole page
  • CTAN: Package mdframed ver.1.9b 2012-06-04, 2010-04-16 new on CTAN, by Marco Daniel and Elke Schubert.
    – Framed environments that can split at page boundaries.
  • CTAN: Package productbox ver.1.1 2010-12-30, 2010-12-21 new on CTAN, by Gerd Neuge­bauer.
    – Typeset a three-dimensional product box
    • productbox.pdf at CTAN.
    • 製品のパッケージ(箱)の展開図。



  • CTAN: Package yquant ver.0.5.1 2021-09-04, 2020-03-24 New on CTAN, maintained by Benjamin Desef.
    – Typesetting quantum circuits in a human-readable language
  • CTAN: Package commutative-diagrams ver.1.0.1, 2020-06-07 New on CTAN, maintained by Paolo Brasolin.
    – CoDi: Commutative Diagrams for TeX
  • CTAN: Package tikz-swigs ver.2021-07-09, 2021-07-11 New on CTAN, maintained by Thomas S. Richardson.
    – Horizontally and vertically split elliptical nodes
  • CTAN: Package sankey ver.3.0 2021-03-14, 2021-01-28 New on CTAN, maintained by Paul Gaborit.
    – Draw Sankey diagrams with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package quantikz ver.0.9.5 2019-04-24, 2018-09-12 new on CTAN, by Alastair Kay. Documentation quantikz.pdf at CTAN.
    – Draw quantum circuit diagrams
  • CTAN: Package tikz-cd ver.0.9f 2018-11-19, 2011-09-13 new on CTAN, by Augusto Stoffel. Documentation tikz-cd-doc.pdf at CTAN.
    – Create commutative diagrams with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package smartdiagram ver.0.3b 2016-12-23, 2012-10-30 new on CTAN, by Claudio Fiandrino. Documentation smartdiagram.pdf at CTAN.
    – Generate diagrams from lists
  • CTAN: Package tikz-dependency ver.1.2 2016-11-08
    – A library for drawing dependency graphs
  • CTAN: Package tkz-orm 0.1.4 2016-01-15, 2010-01-25 new on CTAN, by Camil Staps and Jakob Voß. Documentation tkz-orm.pdf at CTAN.
    – Create Object-Role Model (ORM) diagrams
    "Object-role modeling" in Wikipedia(英語
  • CTAN: Package bondgraphs ver.1.0.1 2015-03-23, 2014-11-30 new on CTAN, by Geert Folkertsma. Documentation bondgraphs.pdf at CTAN.
    – Draws bond graphs in LaTeX, using PGF/TikZ
    "Bond graph" in Wikipedia(英語
  • CTAN: Package bloX ver.2.5 2014-08-22
    – Draw block diagrams, using TikZ
    English translation (from French) of the schemabloc pack­age.
  • CTAN: Package ribbonproofs ver.1.0 2013-07-09, 2013-07-09 new on CTAN, by John Wickerson. Documentation ribbonproofsmanual.pdf at CTAN.
    – Drawing ribbon proofs
  • CTAN: Package fast-diagram ver.1.1 2013-02-28, ????-??-?? new on CTAN, by Raphaël Allais. Documentation (in French) help.pdf at CTAN.
    – Easy generation of FAST diagrams
  • CTAN: Package tikz-inet ver.0.1, 2008-06-18 New on CTAN, maintained by Marc de Falco.
    – Draw interaction nets with TikZ


  • CTAN: Topic Tree: This topic con­tains pack­ages with mech­a­nisms for draw­ing trees.
  • CTAN: Package genealogytree ver.1.30 2017-12-08
    – Pedigree and genealogical tree diagrams
  • CTAN: Package istgame ver.1.0 2017-09-04
    – Drawing Game Trees with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package forest ver.2.1.5 2017-07-14, 2012-11-02 new on CTAN, by Sašo Ži­vanović
    – Drawing (linguistic) trees
  • CTAN: Package prooftrees ver.0.6 2017-02-10
    – Forest-based proof trees (symbolic logic)
  • CTAN: Package binarytree ver.1.01 2016-07-25, 2016-07-16 new on CTAN, by Alek­san­d­rina Nikolova
    – Drawing binary trees using TikZ
    二分木を描く為の easy but flexible interface を提供するとのこと。
  • CTAN: Package tikz-qtree ver.1.2 2012-04-23, 2009-12-23 new on CTAN, by David Chi­ang
    – Use existing qtree syntax for trees in TikZ


  • CTAN: Package pfdicons ver.1.0a 2021-07-26, 2021-07-25 New on CTAN, maintained by Aaron Drews.
    – Draw process flow diagrams in chemical engineering
  • CTAN: Package tikz-trackschematic ver.0.6 2021-01-02, 2020-01-17 New on CTAN, maintained by Martin Scheidt.
    – A TikZ library for creating track diagrams in railways
  • CTAN: Package circuitikz ver.1.2.6 2020-12-16, 2009-04-17 New on CTAN,
    maintained by Mas­simo Redaelli, Ste­fan Lind­ner, Ste­fan Erhardt and Romano Giannetti.
    – Draw electrical networks with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package pinouTikZ ver.1.1.2 2020-07-28, 2019-11-24 new on CTAN, by Robert Blazek.
    – Draw chip pinouts with TikZ.
  • CTAN: Package chemplants ver.0.9.8 2019-11-19, 2019-11-20 New on CTAN, maintained by Elia Arnese Feffin.
    – Symbology to draw chemical plants with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tikz-sfc ver.1.0.1 2018-12-15, 2018-01-18 New on CTAN, by Luis Paulo Laus. tikz-sfc-doc.pdf at CTAN.
    – Symbols collection for typesetting Sequential Function Chart (SFC) diagrams (PLC programs)
    Sequential Function Chart (SFC) in Wikipedia (日本語英語
  • CTAN: Package tikz-relay ver.1.2 2018-06-13, 2018-02-06 New on CTAN
    – TikZ library for typesetting electrical diagrams
  • CTAN: Package structmech ver.1.0, 2018-04-08 new on CTAN, by Theodore Chang.
    – A TikZ command set for structural mechanics drawings
  • CTAN: Package tikz-ladder ver.1.1 2018-02-06, 2018-01-11 New on CTAN, by Luis Paulo Laus
    – Draw ladder diagrams using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package ladder ver.2017-05-17, 2017-05-18 New on CTAN, by Aurélien Ca­diou.
    – Draw simple ladder diagrams using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package stanli ver.3.0 2016-12-21, 2016-12-22 New on CTAN, by Jür­gen Hackl.
    – TikZ Library for Structural Analysis
  • CTAN: Package sa-tikz ver.0.7a 2014-01-29, 2013-01-07 new on CTAN, by Clau­dio Fian­drino
    – TikZ library to draw switching architectures
  • CTAN: Package tikz-dimline ver.1.0 2013-03-13, 2014-12-13 new on CTAN, by Sébastien Gross
    – Technical dimension lines using PGF/TikZ
  • CTAN: Package grafcet ver.1.3.5 11 mai 2011, 2011-05-12 new on CTAN, by Robert Pa­pan­i­cola.
    – Draw Grafcet/SFC with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package bloques ver.1.0 y???-m?-d?, by Ale­jan­dro Garces Ruiz
    – Generate control diagrams


  • CTAN: Package causets ver.1.1 2020-12-13, 2020-11-08 New on CTAN, maintained by Christoph Minz.
    – Draw causal set (Hasse) diagrams
  • CTAN: Package TikZ-planets ver.1.0.2 2020-04-19, 2020-03-31 new on CTAN, by Isabelle M. Santos.
    – Illustrate celestial mechanics and the solar system
  • CTAN: Package simpleoptics ver.1.1.1, 2019-09-08 New on CTAN, maintained by Justin Cawood.
    – Drawing lenses and mirrors for optical diagrams
  • CTAN: Package chemfig ver.1.33 2018-11-02 by Chris­tian Tel­lechea
    – Draw molecules with easy syntax
  • CTAN: Package TikZ-FeynHand ver.1.0.0 2018-01-31, by Max Dohse
    – Feynman diagrams with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package chemmacros ver.5.8b 2017-08-28, 2011-05-15 new on CTAN, by Cle­mens Nieder­berger
    – A collection of macros to support typesetting chemistry documents
  • CTAN: Package tqft ver.2.1 2017-06-01, 2011-10-01 new on CTAN, by An­drew Stacey. Documentation tqft.pdf at CTAN.
    – Drawing TQFT diagrams with TikZ/PGF
    TQFT stands for Topological Quantum Field Theory.
  • CTAN: Package chemschemex ver.1.1 2017-04-02
    – Typeset and cross-reference chemical schemes based on TikZ code
  • CTAN: Package tikz-palattice ver.2.3 2017-03-09, 2015-02-25 new on CTAN, by Jan Sch­midt
    – Draw particle accelerator lattices with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tikz-optics ver.0.2.3 2016-11-28, y???-m?-d? new on CTAN, by Michel Fruchart
    – A library for drawing optical setups with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package pgf-spectra ver.1.0 2016-04-22, by Hugo Gomes
    – Draw continuous or discrete spectra using PGF/TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tikz-feynman ver.1.1.0 2016-02-05,2016-01-21 new on CTAN, by Joshua El­lis
    – Feynman diagrams with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package carbohydrates ver.0.1 2015-12-01, 2015-12-03 New on CTAN, maintained by Clemens Niederberger.
    – Carbohydrate molecules with chemfig
    • Package documentation carbohydrates_en.pdf at CTAN.
    • 説明書には TikZ に関する言及が見当たらないが,TikZを利用している chemfig パッケージを利用している。
  • CTAN: Package tikzorbital ver.2015-03-05, by Ger­main Sal­vato-Val­lverdu
    – Atomic and molecular orbitals using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package pgfmolbio ver.0.21 2013-08-01, 2011-09-20 New on CTAN, maintained by Wolfgang Skala.
    – Draw graphs typically found in molecular biology texts
  • CTAN: Package mychemistry ver.1.99b 2012-07-30 by Cle­mens Nieder­berger
    – Create reaction schemes with LaTeX and ChemFig
  • CTAN: Package modiagram – Drawing molecular orbital diagrams
  • CTAN: Package bohr – Simple atom representation according to the Bohr model


  • CTAN: Package worldflags ver.2021-05-12, 2021-04-21 new on CTAN, by Wilhelm Haager.
    – Drawing flags with TikZ
    • Package documentation worldflags.pdf at CTAN.
    • 独立国家の国旗や国際機関の旗など。
  • CTAN: Package tikz-among-us ver.1.0.1 2020-10-23, 2020-10-25 new on CTAN, by Fernando H. G. Zucatelli.
    – Create some AmongUs characters in TikZ environments
    • Package documentation tikz-among-us.pdf at CTAN.
    • Among Us というゲームがあって,そのゲームのキャラクターということらしい。
  • CTAN: Package utfsym ver.0.8.3 2020-10-22, 2020-10-18 New on CTAN, maintained by Daniel Spittank.
    – Provides various Unicode symbols
    • Package documentation utfsym.pdf (独語) at CTAN.
    • 絵文字やらピクトグラムやらトランプやら。説明書は独語だが,使わないのはもったいないかも。The Comprehensive LaTeX Symbol List の記載(こちらは英語)にあたってみると良いかも。
  • CTAN: Package TikZducks ver.1.5 2020-06-30, 2017-08-04 new on CTAN, by sam­carter.
    – A little fun package for using rubber ducks in TikZ.
  • CTAN: Package TikZlings ver.0.3 2020-04-22, 2018-11-10 new on CTAN, by samcarter.
    – A collection of cute little animals and similar creatures.
  • CTAN: Package bearwear ver.0.2 2020-04-21, 2020-01-17 new on CTAN, by Ulrike Fischer.
    – Shirts to dress TikZbears
    • Package documentation bearwear.pdf at CTAN.
    • tikzlings-bears パッケージ( TikZlings パッケージに含まれる)の熊に服を着せる。
  • CTAN: Package MilSymb ver.1.02 2020-03-15, 2018-04-30 new on CTAN, by Damian Crosby.
    – LaTeX package for TikZ based drawing of military symbols as per NATO APP-6(C)
  • CTAN: Package tikz-truchet ver.2019-02-12, 2019-02-14 new on CTAN, by Matthew Scroggs.
    – Draw Truchet tiles.
  • CTAN: Package tikzsymbols ver.4.10c 2019-02-08, 2013-02-13 new on CTAN, by Ben Vite­cek.
    – Some symbols created using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package TikZmarmots ver.1.0 2018-11-08, 2018-07-11 new on CTAN, by samcarter.
    – Drawing little marmots in TikZ.
  • CTAN: Package scsnowman ver.1.2d 2018-06-07, 2016-12-23 new on CTAN, by Hironobu Ya­mashita.
    – Snowman variants using TikZ.
  • CTAN: Package pixelart ver.0.2.0 2018-02-25, 2017-12-06 new on CTAN, by Louis Pa­ter­nault.
    – A package to draw pixel-art pictures
  • CTAN: Package oPlotSymbl ver.1.4 2017-08-04, 2017-01-21 new on CTAN, by B. Michel Döhring.
    – Some symbols which are not easily available.
  • CTAN: Package tikzpeople ver.0.4 2017-04-22, 2016-11-09 new on CTAN, by Nils Fleis­chhacker.
    – Draw people-shaped nodes in TikZ
  • CTAN: Package progressbar ver.1.0b~4 2014-05-05, 2010-10-11 new on CTAN, by Mar­cel Jira.
    – Visualize shares of total amounts in the form of a (progress-)bar
  • CTAN: Package harveyballs ver.1.1 2013-10-22, 2013-10-24 new on CTAN, by Sascha Roth.
    – Create Harvey Balls using TikZ.



  • CTAN: Package cartonaugh ver.1.0 2021-07-15, 2021-07-16 New on CTAN, maintained by Jamal Bouajjaj.
    – A LuaLaTeX package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables
  • CTAN: Package syntaxdi ver.0.8.2 2020-10-16, 2020-10-17 New on CTAN, maintained by André Hilbig, Johannes Kuhaupt, and Johannes Pieper.
    – Create “railroad” syntax diagrams
    • Package documentation syntaxdi.pdf (独語) at CTAN
    • Originally distributed as part of the schule bundle.
  • CTAN: Package scratch3 ver.0.14 2019-10-02, 2019-02-20 new on CTAN, by Christian Tellechea. Documentation scratch3-fr.pdf (in French) at CTAN.
    – Draw programs like “scratch”
  • CTAN: Package memorygraphs ver.0.1.1 2019-01-06, 2018-12-28 new on CTAN, by Camil Staps. memorygraphs.pdf at CTAN.
    – TikZ styles to typeset graphs of program memory. 連結リスト(linked list)の描画。
  • CTAN: Package tikz-karnaugh ver.1.2 2018-03-19, 2017-12-25 new on CTAN, by Luis Paulo Laus. tikz-karnaugh-doc.pdf at CTAN.
    – Typeset Karnaugh maps using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package scratch ver.0.33 2017-12-30, 2017-05-17 new on CTAN, by Chris­tian Tel­lechea
    – Draw programs like “scratch”
  • CTAN: Package ScratchX ver.1.1 2017-07-27, 2017-07-29 new on CTAN, by Thibault Ralet. Documentations Explanations_ScratchX.pdf and Explications_ScratchX.pdf (in French) at CTAN.
    – Include Scratch programs in LaTeX documents
  • CTAN: Package tikzcodeblocks ver.0.11 2017-07-18, 2017-07-07 new on CTAN, byAdrian Sala­mon
    – Helps to draw codeblocks like scratch, NEPO and PXT in TikZ
  • CTAN: Package karnaugh-map ver.1.1 2017-02-20, 2016-11-26 new on CTAN, by Mat­tias Ja­cob­s­son. Documentation karnaugh-map.pdf at CTAN.
    – LaTeX package for drawing karnaugh maps with up to 6 variables
  • Package TikZ-UML ver.1.0 2016-03-29, by Nicolas Kielbasiewicz
  • CTAN: Package karnaughmap ver.2.0 2015-04-20
    – Typeset Karnaugh maps
  • CTAN: Package flowchart ver.3.3 2015-03-30, 2013-02-19 new on CTAN, by Adrian P. Rob­son
    – Shapes for drawing flowcharts, using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package reotex ver.1.1 2014-08-13, 2012-01-05 new on CTAN, by Nuno Oliveira
    – Draw Reo Channels and Circuits
    Reo? See "Reo Coordination Language" in Wikipedia (英語) or http://reo.project.cwi.nl/
  • CTAN: Package pgf-umlcd ver., 2014-02-25 new on CTAN, by Xu Yuan
    – Some LaTeX macros for UML Class Diagrams
  • Package neuralnetwork by Mark K. Cowan
    • CTAN: Package neuralnetwork ver.1.0 2013-07-18, 2013-08-22 new on CTAN
      – Graph-drawing for neural networks
    • CTAN版は古いのだが,何故か更新させてもらえないらしい。最新のものは Github から。
  • CTAN: Package pgf-umlsd ver.0.7 2012-03-05, 2010-04-06 new on CTAN, by Xu Yuan
    – Draw UML Sequence Diagrams



  • CTAN: Package nl-interval ver.1.0 2021-03-12, 2021-03-14 New on CTAN, maintained by Antero Neves.
    – Represent intervals on the number line
  • CTAN: Package easing ver.0.1 2021-07-18, 2021-07-18 New on CTAN, maintained by Ka-tsun Loh.
    – easing functions for pgfmath
  • CTAN: Package strands ver.1.1 2021-07-11, 2021-07-06 New on CTAN, maintained by Diego Arcis.
    – Draw objects constructed from strands
  • CTAN: Package nicematrix ver.5.2 2020-08-19, 2018-02-14 new on CTAN, by François Pantigny. Documentations nicematrix.pdf and nicematrix-french.pdf (in French) at CTAN.
    – Improve the typesetting of mathematical matrices with PGF.
  • CTAN: Package lie-hasse ver.1.0, 2020-02-04 New on CTAN, maintained by Benjamin McKay.
    – Draw Hasse diagrams
  • CTAN: Package witharrows ver.1.16 2019-03-11, 2017-08-18 new on CTAN, by François Pantigny. witharrows.pdf at CTAN.
    – “Aligned” math environments with arrows for comments.
  • CTAN: Package spectralsequences ver.1.2.2 2019-02-18, 2017-06-20 new on CTAN, by Hood Chatham. spectralsequencesmanual.pdf at CTAN.
    – Print spectral sequence diagrams using PGF/TikZ
  • CTAN: Package adigraph ver.1.7.1 2019-01-31, 2018-02-18 new on CTAN, by Luca Cap­pel­letti. Documentation adigraph_documentation.pdf at CTAN.
    – Augmenting directed graphs
  • CTAN: Package dynkin-diagrams ver.3.14159265358979 2020-04-30, 2017-09-14 new on CTAN, by Benjamin McKay.
    – Draw Dynkin, Coxeter, and Satake diagrams using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tkz-base ver.1.16d 2018-09-19, 2011-06-13 already on CTAN, by Alain Matthes. Manual tkz-base-screen.pdf at CTAN.
    – Tools for drawing with a cartesian coordinate system
    GitHub: tkz-base
  • CTAN: Package rank-2-roots ver.1.0 2018-08-30, 2018-08-31 new on CTAN, by Ben­jamin McKay. rank-2-roots.pdf at CTAN.
    – Draw (mathematical) rank 2 root systems
  • CTAN: Package venndiagram ver.1.2 2018-06-07, 2012-10-25 already on CTAN, by Nicola Talbot. Documentations venn-sample.pdf and venndiagram.pdf at CTAN.
    – Creating Venn diagrams with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package algobox ver.1.2a 2017-09-04, 2017-09-04 new on CTAN, by Julien Ri­vaud. algobox.pdf at CTAN.
    – Typeset Algobox programs
  • CTAN: Package drawmatrix ver.1.5.0 2017-06-05, 2015-12-01 new on CTAN, by Elmar Peise. drawmatrix.pdf at CTAN.
    – Draw visual representations of matrices in LaTeX.
  • CTAN: Package luamesh ver.0.51 2017-04-16. 2017-04-13 new on CTAN. luamesh-doc.pdf at CTAN.
    – Computes and draws 2D Delaunay triangulation.
    "Delaunay triangulation" at Wikipedia(英語日本語
    default では描画エンジンは MetaPost (with luamplib)。TikZ 利用時はオプション tikz を指定。(マニュアルで確かめただけで,実際には確認していない。確認しようね>自分)
  • CTAN: Package pas-cours ver.1.6 2016-08-18, 2013-12-01 new on CTAN, by Stéphane Pasquet. Documentation pas-cours.pdf (in French) at CTAN.
    – Macros useful in preparing teaching material
  • CTAN: Package hf-tikz ver.0.3a 2014-07-25, 2012-08-19 new on CTAN, by Clau­dio Fian­drino. hf-tikz.pdf at CTAN.
    – A simple way to highlight formulas and formula parts.
  • CTAN: Package rulercompass ver.1 2013-12-11, 2013-12-18 new on CTAN, by Andrew Stacey. rulercompass_doc.pdf at CTAN.
    – A TikZ library for straight-edge and compass diagrams
  • CTAN: Package tkz-euclide ver.1.16c 2011-06-01, by Alain Matthes. Documentation tkz-euclide-screen.pdf at CTAN.
    – Tools for drawing Euclidean geometry
  • CTAN: Package tkz-linknodes ver.1.1d 2009-03-02, by Alain Matthes. tkz-linknodes-screen.pdf at CTAN.
    – Link nodes in mathematical environments.
  • tkz-berge – Macros for drawing graphs of graph theory


  • CTAN: Package ticollege ver.1.0 2015-02-15
    – Graphical representation of keys on a standard scientific calculator
  • CTAN: Package tipfr ver.1.5 2015-01-05
    – Produces calculator's keys with the help of TikZ
  • CTAN: Package pgf-soroban ver.1.1 2013-11-27, 2007-12-11 new on CTAN, by Alain Del­motte
    – Create images of the soroban using TikZ/PGF


  • CTAN: Package chessboard ver.1.9 2020-11-01, 2006-04-25 new on CTAN, by Ulrike Fischer.
    – Print chess boards
    • Package documentation chessboard.pdf at CTAN.
    • chessboard.pdf によると,Version 1.7 (2011-03-17) より tikz を採用,とのこと。
  • CTAN: Package soup ver.1.0.2 2019-04-05, 2017-01-18 new on CTAN, by Thomas Simers.
    – Generate alphabet soup puzzles
    • usetikz=false option available
    • Package documentation soup.pdf at CTAN.
    • [2020/11/07] Wikipedia 英語版の Word searchHistory の節に "Soup of Letters" なるものが見受けられる。
  • CTAN: Package bundle rubik ver.5.0 2018-02-25, by Dick Nickalls and Apostolos Syropoulos.
    – Document Rubik cube configurations and rotation sequences
    • CTAN: Package rubikcube – Typeset Rubik cubes and move notation
    • CTAN: Package rubikrotation – Processes a sequence of Rubik rotations
  • CTAN: Package havannah ver.2015-02-21, 2015-02-22 new on CTAN, by Marcin Ciura.
    – Diagrams of board positions in the games of Havannah and Hex
  • CTAN: Package logicpuzzle ver.2.5 2014-06-17, 2013-03-03 new on CTAN, by Josef Kle­ber.
    – Typeset (grid-based) logic puzzles
  • CTAN: Package pas-crosswords ver.1.03 2013-12-03, 2013-12-05 new on CTAN, by Stéphane Pasquet.
    – Creating crossword grids, using TikZ


  • CTAN: Topic pgf-tikz – pack­age uses PGF-TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tikz-trackschematic ver.0.5.1 2020-02-11, 2020-01-17 new on CTAN, by Martin Scheidt.
    – A TikZ library for creating track diagrams in railways
  • CTAN: Package tikz-network ver.1.1 2019-08-15, 2018-07-31 new on CTAN, by Jür­gen Hackl.
    – Draw networks with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package thuaslogos ver.1.2 2019-06-07, 2019-06-09 new on CTAN, by Jesse op den Brouw.
    – Logos for The Hague University of Applied Sciences (THUAS)
  • CTAN: Package ptolemaicastronomy ver.1.0, 2019-04-07 New on CTAN, maintained by Richard Zach.
    – Diagrams of sphere models for variably strict conditionals (Lewis counterfactuals)
  • CTAN: Package pdfreview ver.1.2 2019-02-22
    – Annotate PDF files with margin notes
  • CTAN: Package tikz-kalender ver.0.4f 2018-12-10, 2017-01-24 new on CTAN, by Rolf Niepraschk.
    – A LaTeX based calendar using TikZ
  • CTAN: Package schule ver.0.8.1 2018-08-22, before 2014-07-23 new on CTAN, by André Hilbig, Johannes Kuhaupt, Johannes Pieper.
    – Support for teachers at German schools
  • CTAN: Package pgfgantt ver.5.0 2018-01-11, 2011-03-10 new on CTAN, by Wolf­gang Skala
    – Draw Gantt charts with TikZ
  • CTAN: Package tikz-timing ver.0.7f 2017-12-20
    – Easy generation of timing diagrams as TikZ pictures
  • CTAN: Package mcexam ver.0.4 2017-12-26, 2017-05-03 new on CTAN, by Jorre Van­nieuwen­huyze.
    – Create randomized Multiple Choice questions
    • Documentation mcexam.pdf at CTAN
    • 選択問題のタイプセット。pgf-for を活用しているらしい。
  • CTAN: Package tikz-nef ver.0.1 2017-03-29, 2018-07-22 new on CTAN, by Jan Gosmann.
    – create diagrams for neural networks constructed with the methods of the Neural Engineering Framework (NEF)
  • CTAN: Package guitarchordschemes ver.0.7 2016-08-16, 2013-08-28 new on CTAN, by Clemens Niederberger
    – Guitar Chord and Scale Tablatures
  • CTAN: Package pas-tableur ver.2.01 2016-02-01, 2013-12-11 new on CTAN, by Stéphane Pasquet.
    – Create a spreadsheet layout
  • CTAN: Package bchart ver.0.1.3 2012-08-27, 2011-11-22 new on CTAN, by Tobias Kuhn.
    – Draw simple bar charts in LaTeX


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